Sekuro’s Melbourne CxO Tribe Gathering in August

Last Thursday, Sekuro’s Melbourne CxO Tribe had a wonderful gathering with a great mix of fun and seriousness at a great mighty castle!

Our fellow Melbourne CISOs, CIOs, and senior cyber leaders started the session with a friendly Mario Kart Tournament, followed by an insightful roundtable discussion. It was a fruitful session where they shared and exchanged their unique industry perspectives, experiences and approaches on how they have been tackling the prominent cyber security issues. 

Based on the votes of our CxO Tribe, the discussion topics includes Board Metrics, Building of high-performing security teams, Cyber business enablement and the Implementation of Zero Trust. And here are some of the key takeaways from the session: 

Key takeaways:

Effective board metrics

A blanket approach across different organisations for board metrics is not effective. At the end of the day, the boards are full of unique individuals. People can be vastly different from one another in terms of what matters to them. So instead, take time to understand your board, their concerns, values and what matters to them. After which, take a tailored approach for your organisation rather than replicating others.  

Building high-performing security teams

Talent retention continues to be an issue. Organisations should prioritise nurturing a positive and collaborative culture within the teams and perform regular check-ins both in person and through technology like pulse surveys. Additionally, always involve employees in meaningful and purposeful work, allowing them to value add and challenge themselves. 

Cyber business enablement

A key part of cyber business enablement is how cyber security is viewed by the employees.

The security team would need to re-think how to approach security in the organisation using a lens of empathy. The people within your organisation are affected by security protocols. Making security the enforcer rather than the protector can make getting on with responsibilities harder for your people. Hence, consider putting yourself in your employees’ shoes and find ways to embed security within the organisation and improve user experience simultaneously – it may be more achievable than you think.

If a business is expected to have security awareness, then at the same time, cyber security leaders and their teams should be expected to have business awareness. Thus, it is important to educate yourselves and your team on how businesses work.

We can view cyber business enablement like of ‘brakes’ of a car. The brakes allow you to drive at the maximum speed possible while maintaining control and knowing you could stop safely if needed.

Security is not just a necessary cost of doing business, but it helps your business generate value and move forward, while maintaining control and protecting the organsation as it grows. 

Implementation of Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an often misused term in the market, causing it to be dismissed as a marketing fad.

However, once explained and understood correctly, the CIO, CISO and cyber leaders could see how it actually can be of high strategic value to their organisations. It is a modern approach to security that is necessary in today’s world where organisations, their people and assets are no longer within a typical, static perimeter.


It is our honour to organise and facilitate gatherings like this, and provide a safe space for our CxO community to exchange their thoughts and experience with their peers. We would like to thank all CIOs, CISOs, and cyber leaders who took their time to join us, and we look forward to seeing you all for our next gathering. 

Huge shoutout to our incredible Shark Tank CISO panel, with our Customer CISO, Lee Roebig, CISO of La Trobe University, Andrew Morgan, General Manager of Cyber and Information Security at Vicinity Centres, Christie Lim and our Chief Growth Officer and CxO Tribe Host, Shamane Tan. Not forgetting our Sekuro group facilitators, Prashant Haldankar, James Vercillo and Pablo Borges all of whom have helped to make this event happen! 

Also, special thanks to our event sponsors – Okta and Illumio. 

If you are looking to join us for our next gathering and you’re not yet part of our CxO community, reach out to Shamane Tan to find out more! 

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