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The Sekuro Talkshow with Noel Allnutt (Ep.2)

In the second episode of the Sekuro Talkshow, Sekuro Chief Growth Officer Shamane Tan had a conversation with Noel Allnutt, the Managing Director at Sekuro to find out his cybersecurity industry observations, trends and soundbites. Noel also shared some of his proudest achievements and what Sekuro has been busy with over the past months.

Noel Allnutt’s proudest cyber achievement

Without hesitation, Noel answered that the creation of Sekuro was his proudest cyber achievement. Being able to jump out of bed every morning and lead a business like Sekuro, Noel gladly shares that he is living his dream now.

An overused question heard too many times in CIO and CSO discussions

The “What keeps you up at night?” question drives Noel mad. “Who knows what it could be? A snoring partner or a barking dog…” Noel explained, and Shamane agreed that there were simply no fixed answers to this question.

Go-to question in C-executive conversations

“How do you relate technology risk to business risk?” This is something the cyber industry sees coming up again and again but are not getting the gist of how it is related to the real world, thus it is imperative to ask this question more frequently.

What has been keeping Sekuro busy? Which areas do customers need help in most?

Sekuro has been working non-stop since its Christmas break, and it has been an exciting time in the industry.

Sekuro has been actively securing, optimising and managing the hybrid workforce. This includes securing the applications that live on both desktop and mobile devices, to ensure the customers are safe wherever they are, be it locally, nationally or globally, as borders start to open. 

Alongside, the GRC practices are helping organisations achieve the ISO certifications and IRAP assessments for these significant customers. The RED Team is also actively helping businesses get the security baseline.

With all that is going on at Sekuro, Shamane laughs that there is barely enough time to sleep. Noel shares that thankfully, the people at Sekuro love what they do and have a lot of fun in the process, despite the busy schedules, which Shamane agrees, adding that “passion keeps us going”.

Shamane and Noel covered diverse topics around the challenges faced by Sekuro’s customers.

Advice for new CIOs and CSOs

Noel starts by congratulating the newly appointed CIOs and CSOs, and points out that being in the leadership position is not an easy place to be. It is often quite thankless, but can be rewarding. 

“When you have a plan and structure, you have freedom as you can stick to that plan or structure which underpins everything you do. By following the process and being on top of the game from a knowledge and industry perspective, this will enable you to do your job well.” Noel summarised as he shares his best advice for CIOs and CSOs who are new to the job so that they can execute their strategic moves more effectively.


With technology risk being more relevant in today’s digital world, CIOs and CSOs are no doubt two very important C-level, executive roles within an organisation. It is vital to manage these roles well so that they can execute their strategies effectively to better the business processes.

A big thank you to Noel Allnutt for joining us in this episode!

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