In this e-book, Customer CISO, Lee Roebig, and Field CTO, Jason Trampevski, look at the human elements an organisation must consider when building a modern cyber security strategy, how Zero Trust fits in and what actions organisations can begin taking today.

Dynamic Business – Let’s Talk: How to be the Hottest Workplace in Town

As forecasted, by 2025, the Australian economy will need 79 per cent more digital workers than the current numbers. However, gone are the days where filling roles involved putting up job ads highlighting the criteria for potential candidates. Instead, more and more talents are coming to the table with their own set of demands. Organisations would need to be creative to attract the best talents in this competitive environment. Check out this article as our Chief People Officer, Peita Lan shares her thoughts on how Sekuro attracts and grows our headcount.
In this article, featuring our CISO, Prashant Haldankar, he discusses the importance of strong security where retailers are amongst the most targeted organisations for cybercriminals.

Check out this article to read more on how retailers can stay ahead of the constantly evolving threats!

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