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CIO Forum – Australian CIOs Need Recipe for Digital Transformation Success

Featuring our CIO Karan Khosla alongside IDC ANZ, Verizon and BPay, in this article, Karan shared his perspective and comments on how #CIOs can approach and navigate the changing role of technology, using digital as the driver of growth and new security challenges.

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Startup Daily: Noel Allnutt – Startup and tech leaders welcome Labor’s win and outline what they want from the government

Welcoming Labor’s win, in this article, our Managing Director, Noel Allnutt, shared his ask of the new Albanese Government and their initiatives dedicated to addressing critical issues in the Aussie tech industry.

With the digital economy being the backbone of Australia’s future, the current tech talent shortage is a key concern to be addressed. The industry and Government need to recognise and invest accordingly to ensure the global competitiveness of Australia’s tech.

Noel highlighted his desire to remove barriers that would negatively impact Australia’s tech innovation.

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Human Resources Director: Noel Allnutt – Why Cybersecurity isn’t Just Tech’s Problem – it’s HR’s

In this article, Noel Allnutt shares about the importance of cybersecurity, where security is critical to the success of organisations across all industries. With human being the weakest link in cyber defence and the largest attack surface, cybersecurity needs to be communicated and enforced by everyone in the business, fostering a robust security culture.

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How You Can Implement Zero Trust Even with Limited Resources 

Whether it is a person, device, object, or connection, Zero Trust is the belief that we should not trust them until they prove they can be trusted. Check out this blogpost as our Customer CISO, Lee Roebig discusses how organisations can implement Zero Trust even with limited resources

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Kalkine Media: Noel Allnutt diving deeper into cyber security

As digital transformation becomes the new norm to empower organisations, cybersecurity has become more necessary than ever. Our Managing Director, Noel Allnutt, was invited by Kalkine Media Australia to share his views on cybersecurity. In the session, he dives deep to discuss cybersecurity trends and Sekuro’s approach to expanding and supporting organisations to build business resilience and enable them for fearless innovations. Check out this blog post to find out more about the session.

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Lee Roebig

Dynamic Business: Lee Roebig reveals ways to safeguard against cyber-attacks without breaking the bank.

In this article, Lee Roebig talks about how leading organisations are now adopting an ‘always on’ Zero Trust strategy, which is the concept that no person, device, object, or connection, should be trusted until it is proven that it should be, combined with a modern approach to security that enables the business on their technology journey.

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