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Smart Company: Budget 2022 – What does employee share scheme reform mean for startups?

In this article, our Managing Director, Noel Allnutt shared his views on the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) reforms in the upcoming Federal Updates. This includes the expansion on the availability of ESS to more companies and employees, allowing staff to benefit from a larger share of the business’ growth.

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Dynamic Business: Noel Allnutt – Budget 2022 Why prioritising cyber security is no longer optional

In this article, Noel Allnutt highlights the issues where while investment in cybersecurity is beneficial, it does not address the much larger threats organisations face today- our critical infrastructure’s vulnerability to foreign adversaries.

In light of Budget 2022, the importance of improving Australia’s cyber security defences is acknowledged. With strong leadership in this space and a dedicated cyber ministry (as Labour has now promised), it will ensure that Australia’s infrastructure is built with a security mindset.

Find out more in this article about why prioritising cyber security is no longer optional.

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CRN: Sekuro makes slew of executive appointments, names Noel Allnutt as managing director.

Sekuro has named Noel Allnutt as its new boss along with a number of other executive appointments.

The security consultancy has named the former Solista founder managing director and also appointed Jeff Sheard to the role of northern region sales director and made Trent Jerome its new chief financial officer.

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Sekuro strengthens executive team, announces client wins, ahead of 2022 growth

Sekuro, a cyber security and digital resiliency solutions provider, has made a number of strategic executive appointments, including its first Chief Financial Officer, as it prepares for a watershed year of growth in 2022.

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Shamane Tan | Sekuro

Women Loves Tech: Shamane Tan – Promoting diverse gender leadership in Australia

Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer of Sekuro, shared her thoughts on how the diversity of gender leadership can better support gender equality in STEM.

With her mentoring experience with women in the cybersecurity industry, she mentioned that the feeling of ïmposter syndrome is a significant challenge that women of any age have to overcome.

Check out this article where Shamane and other female leaders share their thoughts on promoting diverse gender leadership in Australia.

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Prashant Haldankar

CRN: Prashant Haldankar – More Proactive Approach to Cyber Security

Prashant Haldankar, chief information officer and co-founder of Sekuro, a cybersecurity and digital transformation consultancy firm, agreed with Burgess’s comment that many businesses could be investing more in security instead of treating it as an ‘afterthought’.

“Budgets, timelines and expenditure are still some of the aspects that organisations struggle with prioritising when it comes to cyber security activities and implementation.”

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