We Are Sekuro

The global cybersecurity market continues to outperform expectations due to rapidly increasing threats and changing regulatory landscapes. At all levels – as nations, businesses, communities and individuals – cyber is the new battlefield and, in that context, resilience is paramount to be able to go forth and innovate.

Security requires a keenly aligned defensive capability covering people, systems and information. Organisations often hire experts to address perceived gaps in their defences, but rarely gain a complete picture of their security posture, which means attackers still have the upper hand.

Founded by four of Australia’s leading cybersecurity organisations (CXO Security Pty Ltd , Privasec , Solista and Naviro), with a commitment to continuously researching and developing leading-edge capabilities, Sekuro is ideally positioned to help organisations Trust Tomorrow. We provide fully integrated end-to-end security services with high standards of accountability and care, offering an unprecedented client experience and aiming to turn every client into a #clientforlife.

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