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Building business resilience.
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Our new Cyber Resilience Program is a subscription-based service that offers a structured framework to manage and coordinate your cyber security efforts allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Why Sekuro?

It is fairly simple...

Sekuro’s mission is to be our clients‘ most trusted security partner. From the excellence of our delivery, to the integrity of our people, we put care into everything we do and see every client as a #clientforlife.

Trusted by leading organisations across the globe, Sekuro works with CIOs and CISOs to take a strategic approach to cyber security risk mitigation and digital transformation. Operating at the intersection of the digital technologies and cyber security industries, Sekuro reduces cyber risk while new technologies are adopted – ultimately building business resiliency and enabling fearless innovation.

A Human Perspective on Zero Trust

In this e-book, Customer CISO, Lee Roebig, and Field CTO, Jason Trampevski, look at the human elements an organisation must consider when building a modern cyber security strategy, how Zero Trust fits in and what actions organisations can begin taking today.

Sekuro Featured Services

Secure cloud design & build

We will design, build, secure, and optimise public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Ransomware and the associated cyber extortion threat is a common and growing risk faced by organisations. Sekuro’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment’s enable your organisation to understand gaps and remediate ransomware exposure risk.

Zero Trust Strategy

Sekuro Zero Trust Strategy is a comprehensive and pragmatic solution for securing all access to your data, apps and environment, regardless of user, device, or location.

IRAP Assessment

Sekuro’s IRAP Assessors assist in securing your systems and data by independently assessing your cyber security posture against the Government's strict standards and policies.

Sekuro Latest News and Insights

Domain Exposure Via Qualys SSL Server Test

Find out more in this article on how domain exposure comes about with a website listing in Qualys and what you can do (hint: all it takes is one click) to prevent information from being exposed as you run the SSL Server Test.

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Getting started in cloud security

Team Sec Con 2021: Getting Started in Cloud Security

In this event recap, catch up on the personal journey of Sekuro’s Chief Growth Officer, Shamane Tan, in how she got started in cloud security.

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Sekuro Is A Platinum Sponsor At AustCyber 2021!

Catch up on the segments Sekuro’s CEO, Chief Growth Officer, and CISO have participated in the annual event Australian Cyber Week 2021.

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Sekuro | GRCI | Cybersecurity | Business

How Important Is Cybersecurity For Domestic & International Businesses?

If you missed the GRC Institute’s panel discussion on the impact of cybersecurity on domestic and international businesses, read this article for a summary.

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CRN Article | Sekuro

CRN: Solista, CXO Security, Privasec, Naviro merge as security provider Sekuro

Australian cybersecurity consultancies Solista, CXO Security, Privasec and Naviro have joined forces to form a new company, Sekuro.

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Rob McAdam | Sekuro

ARN: Newly-merged Sekuro eyes 2022 IPO

Newly-formed Australian cyber security hotshot Sekuro has revealed plans to publicly list during the current financial year.

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LinkedIn News Australia | Sekuro

LinkedIn News Australia: Sekuro’s Launch on AFR

Four Australian cybersecurity firms are set to merge to form a new company without a single dollar changing hands, in a bid to challenge bigger consulting firms for increasing security work.

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How to Get ISO 27001 Certification

How to get ISO 27001 Certification Getting ISO 27001 certification can be a complex process and challenging for any business not quite prepared for the …

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What to expect in a SOC 2 Engagement?

SOC 2® is the reporting standard used to describe how an organisation designs and operates its controls. Check out this article to find out how a SOC 2 engagement with Sekuro work.

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Cyber Training and Education Makes a Real Difference

You cannot overstate the importance of training and education in terms of mitigating the risks associated with cyberattacks. However, you need to plan how the …

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SOC 2 Explained

I’ve heard SOC 2 mentioned in various cybersecurity contexts, but I have no idea what it is. Does it have anything to do with security …

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What is Credential Stuffing?

Credential stuffing is one of the most used attacks adversaries rely upon to establish a beachhead in their victim’s networks. Attackers gather usernames and passwords from multiple breaches, …

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CORIE: A Game Changing Financial Services Security Framework

A new security framework, developed by the Council of Financial Regulators (CFR), that focuses on cyber resilience and maturity assessments is hitting the financial services …

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Bypassing 2FA is Possible

Most of us know that multifactor authentication (MFA) is a useful tool for managing and securing passwords, and many web services integrate it into their …

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Red Team Attack Simulation

Attack Simulations: Evaluating Defences with a Red Team Makes You More Secure

Sekuro RED team identifies and translates the technical impact, to the resulting business risk.
For more information on Red Team Attack Simulations, contact Sekuro today to talk to an expert.

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Choosing SOC 2 vs ISO 27001

Two popular security standards commonly referenced these days are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification. These two standards have many shared requirements, especially in how …

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GPTW 2023

Sekuro is a Great Place to Work - and that's official (AGAIN)!

At Sekuro, we take care and pride in curating a culture which promotes our diversity, individual passions and development aspiration. Our collective values bring us together as one team to execute our mission. 

Our fabulous team of passionate and committed people comes from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries across the world (including Australia, France, China, Japan, the U.K., India, Italy, Singapore, the Philippines, and more), making Sekuro a Great Place to Work® for the second consecutive year and a place where people feel accepted and included.

How Can Companies Securely Enter Into the Cloud World?

In this white paper, gain insights into the benefits provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), the key risks and challenges in adopting such services, and lastly, guidelines on addressing an organisation’s security requirements.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many in the industry, but cyber security has a mental health problem.

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October 2022, Sekuro surveyed 101 cyber security professionals to find out how they’ve been coping over the past two years. The results were distressing, but unfortunately, not surprising. As threats worsen and Boards become more anxious about cyber risk – those who work in the industry will know first-hand the pressure that’s been put on cyber security professionals, particularly since the start of the pandemic. This pressure to prevent attacks at all costs has come at the expense of our industry’s most valuable assets – our people.

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