Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Ransomware and the associated cyber extortion threat is a common and growing risk faced by organisations. Sekuro’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment’s enable your organisation to understand gaps and remediate ransomware exposure risk.

What is a Ransomware Readiness Assessment?

A Sekuro Ransomware Readiness Assessment involves the following tasks:

  • Unauthorised internal Active Directory enumeration, escalation, and lateral movement activities
  • Authorised internal Active Directory enumeration, escalation, and lateral movement activities, via a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Windows machine and associated Domain User account
  • Privilege escalation activities on an SOE Windows machine from the perspective of a Domain User
  • Ransomware technical control assessment on an SOE from the perspective of a Domain User
  • Organisation-wide email account breached password assessment
  • Network share assessment to identify sensitive or exploitable data accessible to end-users based on key phrases
  • Controlled and custom non-destructive ransomware deployment to a specific pre-defined Windows system to simulate encryption of data and test technical response

The assessments are based on real-world Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) utilised by ransomware adversaries and cyber-criminal organisations to compromise and deploy ransomware throughout corporate Windows environments.

Upon completion of the Ransomware Readiness Assessment, a detailed report, outlining prioritised, actionable remediation activities to increase ransomware resilience will be provided. The report will focus on risk, based on the known and assumed actions of ransomware adversaries and cyber-criminal organisations.

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