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Sekuro’s Team Augmentation Division was created out of necessity. Organisations are experiencing increasing demands from their customers for digital products and services, whilst also facing increasing risk from cybercrime and other external threats.  Technology teams are stretched, and there is rarely time to upskill existing team members to the required level in the time available.  Australia in particular, often seems starved of the volume of deep technical engineering talent that the market demands – even more so in recent times. As the cost of engaging the requisite skills from much of the consulting sector has often been prohibitively high for many organisations, they have historically had to plug gaps with offshore resources, hope a recruiter can identify someone at short notice, or make do with an undertrained member of the existing team.  These approaches can yield positive results, but they are generally inconsistent at best and have led to many sub-optimal project outcomes.

Sekuro’s Team Augmentation division has proven much more consistent and reliable in filling short to medium-term skills needs because we have access to a mix of full-time and subcontracted engineers and consultants, many of whom have successfully completed multiple engagements with our clients.

And because we specialise in the areas of Cyber Security, Identity, Modern Workplace, and Cloud Infrastructure / DevOps, we are able to fully vet all consultants that we engage through the networks we have built over many years.  

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A call to one of our Consultants is often all that is required to get a feel for the market. Our clients know that they will quickly be able to get an overview of availability and pricing, allowing them to budget for projects or BAU deliverables.

Sekuro has recently augmented teams with the following skills:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Architects (Azure AD)
  • Azure IAAS and PAAS Engineers
  • Modern Workplace Consultants –MS Teams, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Intune
  • Okta Identity & Access Management Experts
  • Auth0 Authentication Integration Consultants
  • CyberArk Privileged Access Management Specialists
  • Senior Network and Security Engineers
  • Zero Trust Security Consultants

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