Offensive Security

What are Sekuro's Offensive Security Services?

Sekuro offers a range of offensive security services to help organisations protect their networks and data from malicious attack. Our team of experienced experts use a combination of penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and ethical hacking to identify potential areas of risk and provide feedback to your organisation on how to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack.

Our range of services is designed to help organisations increase their defensive posture and reduce the chances of a successful attack taking place. We use our experience and expertise to identify existing vulnerabilities and recommend remedial action to help protect your networks and data.

Our services are designed to help organisations build a robust cyber security strategy by ensuring that all potential threats are identified and addressed.

By engaging our experienced team of experts, organisations can ensure that their cyber security posture is up-to-date, and they are better protected against malicious attacks. Our goal is to help organisations of all sizes develop a comprehensive security strategy that is tailored to their needs and provides the protection they need.

Adversary Simulation & RED Teaming

Offensive Security Attack Simulation

Simulating potential attackers, the Offensive Security team will attempt to breach your security by combining intelligence gathering, social engineering, hacking and physical intrusion so you can understand your cyber resiliency and stress-test existing security controls to identify response to a realistic attack.

Purple Team

Purple Teams leverage known attacker Tools, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) from the MITRE ATT&CK framework to assess the effectiveness of your organisation's detective security controls and, up-skill your security team through tailored walkthrough scenarios.

Rogue Physical Intrusion

Through reconnaissance, infiltration, theft and exfiltration tactics, the Offensive Security team will attempt to circumvent physical controls and provide tangible evidence and recommendations to improve physical defence and detection capabilities.

Adversary Simulation

By replicating known threat actors targeting your organisation or industry, the Offensive Security team will conduct a Threat Intelligence-led exercise, driven by frameworks such as CORIE, to measure your detection, resilience and response capabilities.

War Room Simulation

By developing a tailored plausible incident scenario and simulating it within an incident response war room engaging all business functions, the Offensive Security team will guide you in identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement for your incident response playbook, processes and procedures.

Targeted Personnel and Organisational Intelligence Gathering

The Offensive Security team will gather information within the public domain through a passive, non-invasive digital footprint exercise utilising Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering techniques to identify a range of attack scenarios or vectors which could target your organisation or key personnel.

Penetration Testing

External & Internal Penetration Testing

Find weaknesses within your internet-facing infrastructure and protect your information assets from attacks originating from your internal network.

Web Application and API Penetration Testing

Assesses how well your web application and APIs will fare against attacks through the Internet.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Assessments focusing on vulnerabilities specific to mobile applications such as iOS and Android.

Bespoke Device/ IoT Penetration Testing

IoT (internet of things) penetration testing reveals any possible security gaps that might lead to a security breach on your IoT device.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Assess the cyber security of your cloud provider’s environment.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are an attractive target to hackers in your vicinity as they allow them to get a trusted foothold into your network without stepping into the front door.


SCADA ICS Testing requires additional planning and tailoring in order to test systems and achieve worthwhile results.

Social Engineering & Phishing Simulations

Measure the level of security awareness amongst your employees. Phishing simulation guards your business against social-engineering threats by training your employees to identify and report them.

Organisations are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to deliver services to their customers and internal corporate stakeholders. As a result, information that was previously held within organisation controlled IT assets is now being stored, processed and/or transmitted by third-party cloud providers.

Ransomware and the associated cyber extortion threat is a common and growing risk faced by organisations. Sekuro’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment enables your organisation to understand gaps and remediate ransomware exposure risk.

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