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How Can Companies Securely Enter Into the Cloud World?

In this white paper, gain insights into the benefits provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), the key risks and challenges in adopting such services, and lastly, guidelines on addressing an organisation’s security requirements.

Why Sekuro?

It’s fairly simple.

Sekuro’s mission is to be our clients‘ most trusted security partner. From the excellence of our delivery, to the integrity of our people, we put care into everything we do and see every client as a #clientforlife.

Trusted by leading organisations across the globe, Sekuro works with CIOs and CISOs to take a strategic approach to cyber security risk mitigation and digital transformation. Operating at the intersection of the digital technologies and cyber security industries, Sekuro reduces cyber risk while new technologies are adopted – ultimately building business resiliency and enabling fearless innovation.

Sekuro Featured Services

Secure Cloud design & build

We will design, build, secure, and optimise public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.

Offensive Security

Simulating potential attackers, the Offensive Security team will attempt to breach your security by combining intelligence gathering, social engineering, hacking, and physical intrusion.

Zero Trust Strategy

Sekuro Zero Trust Strategy is a comprehensive and pragmatic solution for securing all access to your data, apps and environment, regardless of user, device, or location.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Sekuro’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment enables your organisation to understand gaps and remediate ransomware exposure risk with this common and growing risk.

Sekuro Insights

Sekuro Great Place to Work

Sekuro is a Great Place to Work - and that's official!

At Sekuro, we take care and pride in curating a culture which promotes our diversity, individual passions and development aspiration. Our collective values bring us together as one team to execute our mission. 

Our fabulous team of passionate and committed people comes from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries across the world (including Australia, France, China, Japan, the U.K., India, Italy, Russia, Singapore, and more), making Sekuro a Great Place to Work® and a place where people feel accepted and included.


The Race for Quantum Supremacy

Quantum computing spells the death knell for conventional encryption. That’s a fact, not speculation, and as the race to build business ready quantum computers hots up, it won’t be long until algorithms like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are replaced for a more resilient successor. Even RSA (a public-key cyrtosystem), the basis of many Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementations, isn’t safe. RSA relies on it being very difficult to factor large numbers into their prime factors. However, a quantum computer using Shor’s algorithm will factor these numbers significantly faster than classical computers, thus making RSA – and PKI systems – vulnerable to attack. Similarly, AES will be vulnerable to attack using Grover’s algorithm. You’ll find references to both these attack techniques at the end of this blog in case you’re interested. To address this impending reality, researchers are developing quantum-resistant cryptography that relies on a different set of mathematical problems, ones that are difficult for quantum computers to solve. If these new techniques prove successful, and, importantly, implementation is practicable, they will become the new standard for protecting data confidentiality and integrity. Yet while the dream of quantum-resistant cryptography sounds great, in practice there are many challenges  to be overcome, and the question remains: Can we solve these problems in time, since viable commercial quantum computers are drawing ever nearer. It was way back in 1994 when mathematician, Peter Shor, first figured out the algorithm for attacking RSA using a quantum computer, and so the race to find quantum-resistant encryption began. …

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Risk Management

Everything You Need to Know About CPS 230

In this article, #Sekuro’s Managing Consultant Zachary Vella highlights the key changes for regulated entities with the new Prudential Standard CPS 230.

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Digging Deeper into the Models of Generative AI, and the Threats

Tony Campbell, Sekuro’s Director of Research & Innovation, talks about Generative AI and its potential cyber security threat.

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Brand Trust Can Be Eroded By A Single Cyber Breach: Why All Brands Are At Risk From Exploitation

In an increasingly-connected digital world, find out how Brand Trust can be synonymous with digital resilience.

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ChatGPT: Weighing the Benefits and Risks in Cyber Security

While ChatGPT can benefit the cybersecurity industry by increasing #efficiency, improving threat detection, and automating responses, it is not without risks.

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Business Resilience

8 Cyber Security Steps to Achieve Business Productivity For Remote Workers

With the rise of remote and hybrid workforce, here are the 8 cyber security steps organisations can do to support business productivity and protect their remote workers.

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Sekuro Latest News

Sekuro Cyber Security Mental Health Survey

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many in the industry, but cyber security has a mental health problem.

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Sekuro surveyed 101 cyber security professionals to find out how they’ve been coping over the past two years. The results were distressing, but unfortunately, not surprising. As threats worsen and Boards become more anxious about cyber risk – those who work in the industry will know first-hand the pressure that’s been put on cyber security professionals, particularly since the start of the pandemic. This pressure to prevent attacks at all costs has come at the expense of our industry’s most valuable assets – our people.

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