8 Cyber Security Steps to Achieve Business Productivity For Remote Workers

The role of IT departments has become extremely crucial in the post-pandemic era where organisations are increasingly adopting hybrid or fully-remote working arrangements. With the mix of office and hybrid working, traditional approaches to mitigate cyber attacks become a challenge when some employees’ devices are outside of the organisations’ network, giving rise to the risk of unnoticed security vulnerabilities. Ensuring every remote worker stays protected can be challenging, especially when cybercriminals are persistently looking for new ways to expose security risks.

Regardless of industry and size, cyber security and business productivity are two critical components to any organisations and their business growth. So what can organisations do to support remote workers achieve business productivity?

Here are the 8 key points organisations can consider:

  1. Disabling access to sensitive data when employees are accessing through unsecure home or public Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Ensure organisation’s cyber security policy is current and supports remote working.
  3. BYOD (bring your own device) devices to be connected to the organisation’s resources.
  4. Review crisis management, business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response plans as frequently as possible and executable remotely.
  5. Increasing performance, usability and scalability is vital for remote workers connecting to work resources.
  6. Ensure cyber security hygiene and visibility are implemented across a large amount of devices.
  7. Conduct cyber security training, especially for remote workers. Educating employees is more important than ever as phishing scams and ransomware escalates. Consider your employees are your first line of defence.
  8. Conduct routine checks that backups are continuously being tested and have native immutability to safeguard backups.  

Amidst the ever-changing situation and fluidity of working arrangements, the security and accessibility of your networks, devices and data should never be compromised. Following this guide will help your organisation reduce risk and ensure that your workforce is able to access the technology and expertise your business needs even when working remotely.

Contact us to discuss your security strategy, and envision the future of work for your organisation with greater cyber awareness and prevention of ongoing threats.

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