Business Resilience is an Infinite Game in a Cyber World

Noel Allnutt, Managing Director at Sekuro, shares his thoughts on what the first month of 2023 has taught us so far and why business resilience should be top of mind.

What we have learned from 2023 so far

It’s hard to believe the first month of the new year has already come and gone but it has been an insightful one. Cyber security is the industry that doesn’t sleep and I see a very busy 2023 ahead in which business resilience is going to be top of mind.

We’ve opened this year with the World Economic Forum discussing how the gap between cyber resilient companies and the likelihood of cyber events are significant. Cyber resilience should be top of mind when it comes to business resilience – it is not a nice to have and it is not sufficient to just meet compliance. This starts with information security, skilled talent and shifting mindsets around the importance of cyber security.

Despite the climate of economic uncertainty and gloom and doom in the media, I’m approaching this year with a sense of optimism. This optimism from the hard work from our team, the craftmanship we have and the ability to adapt to change. My optimism does not come without a sense of reality, but I believe we have a real opportunity to create change and adapt to an ever-evolving cyber landscape. 

Addressing cyber security has the potential to break apart business silos, allowing organisations to collaborate and work together across teams and build greater business resilience. Ultimately, business resilience is what will survive tougher times.

Striving for resilience in a digital world is an infinite game

Last year we have seen an increased demand for cyber security and no doubt we will continue to see that continue to rise in 2023. The importance of cyber security as part of being a resilient business is only going to expand and become the forefront of business discussions and interactions. Striving for resilience in a digital world is an infinite game. As hackers become smarter and more technology evolves, there will always be a need to stay steps ahead in the game. As businesses continue to transform and evolve, their security measures will need to change with them. Sekuro looks forward to being a part of our customers’ and future customers’ journey on this evolution – or you could call it a revolution.

resilient plant growing through gravel on train tracks

From a Team Sekuro Pespective

As for Sekuro, we are still growing and expanding our team and service catalogue. We have just opened two band new offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and it’s wonderful to see our Sekurians collaborating together in person to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our customers. 

We could all agree that the holiday break was very valuable for us as it gave us an opportunity to pause, reflect on our gratitude for what we have achieved and what we want our year ahead to look like. Never underestimate the value in taking pause in order to move forward with a clear and fresh perspective. I’ll be encouraging Sekurians to be courageous and ambitious while also taking the time to pause this year. I see us entering a year of growth, harnessing the power of gratitude and inspiring each other and our customers as we all move forward on this common goal towards business resilience.

Onwards and Upwards!

Noel Allnutt CEO | Sekuro
Noel Allnutt

CEO, Sekuro

Noel is a driven and award-winning IT leader. He specialises in building teams that enable companies to create a secure and sustainable competitive advantage in the digital economy. Noel also hosts the ‘Building Resilience Podcast,’ which explores the world of sport and deconstructs the tools and ethos of world-class athletes that can help create growth and optimise business and life.

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