Sekuro Is A Platinum Sponsor At AustCyber 2021!

Sekuro is a proud Platinum Sponsor and supporter of the Australian Cyber Week 2021 headed by AustCyber! Into its fourth edition this year, with the aim of demystifying the cybersecurity industry, the week was nothing short of amazing. Every opportunity to share about what Sekuro is passionate about – cybersecurity – is always a privilege.

The AU Cyber Week 2021 featured a multitude of daily events over the five day period, ranging from cyber escape room challenges, podcasts, networking sessions, workshops, to panel discussions. Industry leaders, technology-minded professionals, and government executives were all part of the mix of industry experts featured.

Read on to catch up on the Sekuro team’s participation in the the event.

AustCyber 2021 | Australian Cyber Week 2021 | Robert McAdam | Sekuro

The CEO of Sekuro, Robert McAdam, had the honour to give the welcome note in the opening ceremony.

The Australian Cyber Week 2021, commenced with an opening ceremony hosted by Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber. Some of the questions raised included those on the steps necessary for businesses and the government in safeguarding our digital borders. As one of the industry experts who spoke at this launch ceremony, our CEO Robert McAdam shared his welcome note and thoughts.

Team Sekuro – CEO Robert McAdam and Chief Growth Officer Shamane Tan – joining the segment alongside Dan Lohrmann from Security Mentor, Inc and Grae Meyer-Gleaves, from Hollard Insurance. 

In the keynote segment, Dan Lohrmann kicked off the session by sharing insights from his latest book ‘Cyber Mayday & the Day After’, which he co-authored with Shamane. He described how cyber leaders today can remain competitive in preparing for the titular “Cyber Mayday”, and recovering on the “Day After” by leading others through a crisis with the implementation of an appropriate crisis response crucial in maintaining trust in their firms.

Shamane moderated the panel discussion that followed, where audience got to hear from Rob in a dialogue with Dan and Grae. Up for discussion was also the different cyber market demands that exist, a potential gap in the new upcoming cybersecurity workforce, and ways of increasing the competitiveness of the cyber workforce.

With the cybersecurity market continuing to expand and expected to double its value in 5 years, the panelists shared their personal experience in driving workforce competitiveness. Key solutions included leveling up the workforce through upskilling, providing internship opportunities, or helping with employment through government support and tax incentives. As additional tips, the panel also shared some of their personal hiring experiences, and valuable advice to potential candidates looking to be selected.

AustCyber 2021 | Sekuro

Sekuro Chief Sales and Strategy Officer, Noel Allnut, was invited to be one of the judges on the panel.

With the top ten most innovative companies of Australia leading the charge in building a cybersecurity industry competitive on a global level, their challenge this time will be to win votes and investments for their proposal, from a panel of expert judges and the audience. While the audience will cast their votes through investing their “cyber roo dollars”, the judges will decide on what the best proposal is. It has been fascinating to see how these companies chose to head their pitches and emerge as the frontrunner!

In the end, it was “Untapped Group” that scored the winning pitch of the session, with their proposal to engage an otherwise forgotten and untapped group of talents due to their autism. Rounding up the podium spots was “Cynch Security” in second place, and “Avertro” in third. Huge congratulations to the three winning companies!

The event would not have been complete without all the companies who also shared their innovative pitches, and participants who invested their cyber roo dollars. 

"While our roots are right here in Australia, Sekuro has ambitions to grow internationally and to expand our existing customer base to the US".

Last but not least, this was a session with the main focus on understanding the opportunities for cybersecurity and emerging technology companies within the state of Maryland, USA, be it through government grants or key partnerships.

Referring to the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity signed off by US president Joe Biden, ordering “bold changes and significant investments”, Prashant highlighted the vast opportunities now available to Australian companies as a result. In the American government’s move to beef up the country’s cybersecurity standards, Australian organisations are not only able to work with the supply chain of the US government, but also the US government directly.

Further to the three events highlighted above, the Sekuro Team also participated in networking sessions at the AU Cyber Week 2021, and the week ended with an even bigger trove of knowledge and insights, as well as great joy from being able to share opinions.

Thank you, AustCyber, for organising yet another successful Australia Cyber Week and for providing the opportunity for Sekuro to better support the cybersecurity industry! Onward, Sekuro looks forward to more sessions like this.

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