The Board-Taster: An Engaging Way to Get Familiar with the Challenges of Cyber Risk

Sekuro offers a new program that will not only creatively challenge and engage executive leadership teams and board of directors in raising cyber awareness but will also help to foster more buy-in in the boardroom for cyber resilience investments.

Why cyber security education is essential for boards

With the growing threat of cyber attacks, cyber security risks have become a major concern for businesses. Companies of all sizes are at risk, and the damage caused by these attacks can be devastating. Board directors have a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the management of risks, and cyber security is one of the most significant risks facing organisations today. As such, board directors need to understand the potential impact of cyber threats on the organisation’s reputation, financial stability, and regulatory compliance.  

Cyber security is a topic that is relatively new to some boards and they are now having to frame enterprise risk management with considerations around cyber risk and threats. Cyber security isn’t like economic uncertainty which can be mapped out and planned for with a long-term projection. Cyber threats are becoming more unpredictable, more sophisticated and they continue to increase each day. It can be overwhelming and easy to lose faith in the cyber security industry with the realisation that attacks can’t be stopped, only mitigated. One of the ways to overcome this is through education that focuses on relevance and connecting the dots for them. 

To address this issue, Sekuro’s latest Board-Taster program is designed as an Executive Leadership & Directors awareness workshop aimed to help CIOs, CISOs, and other security and risk leaders facilitate buy-in from their executive leadership team and board members to invest in cyber resilience programs.

About the Board-Taster Program

The Board-Taster program is an engaging and interactive workshop that is designed to educate board directors on cyber security risks and best practices. The workshop is split into two parts. In the first 20 minutes, the directors are immersed in an interactive fictitious story where quick choices need to be made every 20 seconds. This portion of the workshop enables the directors to experience the impact of a cyber attack and learn how to handle it effectively. The content is non-technical and is delivered in a light-hearted manner, emphasising the business impact of cyber threats.

The second part of the workshop focuses on industry challenges and failures, providing insights into the mindset of business leaders in the same sector. The board directors can learn from their actions and measure their own approach to cyber security against best practices. The workshop also covers the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ (AICD) 5 governance principles for directors and their implications. Additionally, the workshop takes a look at what’s trending across industries and forecasts the outlook ahead.

Ultimately, the Board-Taster program provides practical knowledge on the cyber security threat landscape, highlights the impact of cyber threats on the organisation, and offers measures that organisations can take to protect against threats. The interactive nature of the workshop ensures that board directors are engaged and invested in the learning process, resulting in a greater understanding of the importance of cyber security for their organisation. It allows allows them to become familiar with scenarios they might encounter and what is needed to respond in an appropriate manner.

As a widely recognised issue, cyber security risk has become a significant concern for organisations, and it is the duty of board directors to handle these risks efficiently. Sekuro’s Board-Taster program is a valuable resource that provides an innovative and engaging way to educate board directors on cyber security risks and best practices. The program’s unique interactive approach ensures that board directors are invested in the learning process and equipped to provide effective oversight and guidance on cyber security issues. 

Reach out to Shamane to learn more about the Board-Taster program.

Shamane Tan

Chief Growth Officer, Sekuro

Shamane Tan is one of the most established women in the fields of technology and cyber security. As the Chief Growth Officer at Privasec and Sekuro, she is responsible for leading the security outreach strategy with the C-Suite and executives. Recognised by IFSEC as one of the global top 20 cybersecurity influencers, the ‘Cyber Risk Leaders’ author was also recently listed in the 40 under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australians and Top 30 Women in Security ASEAN Region 2021. A TEDx speaker and podcaster, Shamane is also the Founder of Cyber Risk Meetup, an international community and platform for cyber risk executives to exchange learnings.

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