RED Team Attack Simulation

Why do I need a Red Team?

Cyberattacks today are targeted and financially motivated. Instead of random whiz-kids and activist hackers, we now have disciplined, well-organised criminal groups that orchestrate cyberattacks that costs businesses millions each year.

Public and market expectations for security has, and is continuing to grow rapidly. Alongside evolving legislations, Company Directors are now personally liable for breaches involving customer data, hence driving cyber security up on the executive agenda.

What is a Red Team, and how do they work?

Adversarial Attack Simulations (Red Teams Attack Simulations) are the most realistic way to test the resilience of not only your IT controls (i.e. firewalls), but also of your people, processes and facilities. Our attacks aim to expose tangible and non-repudiable security flaws that require remediation.

Simulating a team of skilled and motivated attackers, the Sekuro RED Team will craft and execute a series of real-life attack scenarios to breach your security by any means possible (within the boundaries of the law and what is agreed with you). We will combine intelligence gathering, social engineering, hacking, physical intrusion and other deceptive techniques to compromise your defences and expose your most critical information.

Red Teaming VS Penetration Testing

As opposed to traditional testing, Red Team attacks are multi-layered and focus on the objectives rather than on the method, allowing our team to think outside the box to create innovative scenarios you may not have planned or prepared for, allowing to you to identify blind spots in your defence strategy. A Red Team attack scope primarily defines the don’ts (i.e. what cannot be done) rather than the do’s, leaving our Red Team as unrestricted as an attacker would be.

Attack Execution Methodology

Your lead consultant will discuss the objectives of the assessment as well as the methods, techniques and systems excluded and included from the scope of the exercise. You can also ask for specific methods to be included if you need to test a particular process or policy (access card cloning, random dropping of USB infected sticks, etc).

Timeframes will be discussed and agreed upon prior to commencement and will vary depending on the required level of sophistication desired.

Our RED Team will conduct reconnaissance activities, including physical surveillance, intelligence gathering and signal scanning, to identify potential gaps in security controls and craft targeted and concerted attack scenarios which they will then execute.

You will be provided with regular updates on the progress of the exercise.

At the conclusion of the exercise, a formal report will be presented to you, detailing step by step, the attacks carried out along with supporting evidence, the results of each scenario and prioritised recommendations to reduce your exposure to future attacks.

For financial institutions and clients requiring a more in-depth red team exercise, Sekuro offers intelligence-led CORIE and CORIE-aligned Red Teams.


RED Team attacks are effective through its ability to provide ‘clear-cut’ evidence when exposing your security weaknesses. It bypasses the risks/ potential and other ‘ifs’ to deliver tangible evidence which cannot be argued against.

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