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Cyber security is the foundation of a resilient business ecosystem. Sekuro helps you take advantage of cutting-edge technology while protecting your assets with a modern Zero Trust strategic approach.

Why choose Sekuro as your Technology partner?

Many companies are advertising technology and platform services, but three vital characteristics set Sekuro apart from the herd:

  1. our expert, experienced team,
  2. our curated set of integrated technologies, and
  3. our holistic approach to people-driven solutions.

Bigger Picture Thinking

Sekuro offers a curated set of cyber security tools but what sets us apart from other service providers is our approach to implementing these tools. The expert implementation of cyber security tools within a Zero Trust Strategy are at the heart of our work. We’ll not only provide you with best-in-class security tools but also create a comprehensive security strategy ensuring that all users and devices are operating within a secure Zero Trust environment.

Expertise and experience

We’re the best at what we do because we’ve put in the time to perfect our craft. Sekuro isn’t an upstart business looking to cash in on a short-term trend. We stand by our customers when they need us, always looking to improve our service offerings.

At Sekuro, we foster an internal culture of mentorship so our team members feel comfortable asking questions and investing their time in continuous learning. We’ve built our reputation by hiring the brightest, most talented people and giving them the tools and opportunities to become experts in their fields.

Curated, integrated solutions

Sekuro won’t sell you a package deal and then walk away. We work with our customers and preferred technology partners to provide technology solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs. When we create a solution for your organisation, we make sure we get the parameters right so there’s no room for error and no gaps in performance or security.

Sekuro is a full-stack service provider, meaning that we don’t just poke around the edges; we help you manage technology from the bottom up, so everything works together smoothly and has capacity for iteration and growth.

A holistic approach to solution design

Sekuro, as a company, has cyber security in our DNA, meaning we’re deeply invested in governance, risk management, compliance and offensive security. We’ve become a holistic cyber security company, helping our customers on their digital transformation journeys.

We don’t just build solutions for our customers; we also educate them about how to use their technology and ensure they get the most out of it.

“We needed to get to a place where cyber security was not just an ‘IT’ thing, but rather, part of the organisational culture of Lorna Jane. Sekuro is a team of technical experts. Not only do they come up with technical solutions, but they put it into words that non-technical leaders can understand.” – Darryl Roberts, Group IT Manager, Lorna Jane.

Good application and platform security require a specialist’s understanding of cyber security. It’s vital to design security strategies not only for the present but also for the uncertain digital future. We’re intently focused on our customer’s outcomes, not just the tools we implement for them. Our job isn’t finished unless the solution we’ve built works smoothly and securely, and the people using it are getting the results they need.

Compliance vs cyber security

Compliance alone doesn’t guarantee real cyber security protection as it only focuses on meeting specific requirements and may not consider an organisation’s full vulnerabilities. Sekuro’s approach to cyber security involves identifying and mitigating risks proactively, implementing layered security controls, and regularly testing and monitoring them for effectiveness.

Solution design & interoperability

Sekuro works with a curated set of cybersecurity tools that have been specifically chosen for their high level of interoperability, meaning they work seamlessly and effectively together without internal compatibility issues or conflicts. This ensures that our multi-layered security solutions work cohesively, providing robust, reliable cybersecurity protection.

Sekuro's solutions for your digital resilience

Sekuro has the proven industry expertise to navigate your business transformation while ensuring efficiency and security. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy and provide the necessary support to make your journey a success.

Zero Trust is more than just a buzzword

Zero Trust is a cyber security framework that operates on the principle of not trusting any user or device attempting to access a network, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the network perimeter. It is an approach that requires constant verification of user and device identity, as well as the authorisation and authentication of access requests.

Cloud architectures leveraging Zero Trust

The Zero Trust principle mandates that no person, device, or connection should be trusted until its security status is validated. Sekuro applies Zero Trust methodology to modern cloud architecture, building and maintaining platforms with integrated cyber security defences.

Endpoint security

Our endpoint security services protect your connected devices and prevent unauthorised access, data theft, malware infections, and other cyber attacks. This is a crucial aspect of cyber security, especially in an increasingly decentralised business environment.

Multi-Cloud security

Manual legacy processes and siloed tools are completely inadequate for today’s digital world. Cloud application development and the consumption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are creating cyber attack vulnerabilities in many organisations, putting sensitive data at risk and consuming the energy of IT teams struggling to keep up. Sekuro helps you protect your cloud workloads and SaaS applications with real-time visibility and data protection. We’ll free up your IT team to focus on commercial innovation without compromising security.

People Security

Sekuro’s approach to cyber security encompasses both cultural and technological measures to safeguard users. We provide cybersecurity education about safe online practices that promote a culture of security awareness. We use a combination of people, process and technology that provides a layered protection to ensure that users are cyber-aware to properly guard against human-vector vulnerabilities.

Data protection

A data protection strategy is crucial for any organisation to mitigate cyber threats, which can result in financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liabilities. Our data protection services help organisations implement effective data protection measures, comply with regulations, and continuously monitor and improve their cybersecurity posture. With our expertise and tailored solutions, we can assist your organisation in protecting against emerging cyber threats and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical business information.

Intelligence & Analytics

Cybersecurity Intelligence & Analytics services protect your business from costly cyber attacks and data breaches. Sekuro offers a range of solutions to help you detect and respond to potential threats before they cause damage. By providing actionable insights and intelligence, we can help you make informed decisions about how to protect your critical assets and infrastructure.

Identity & Access

Critical for safeguarding the multi-cloud enterprise, Identity & Access Management (IDAM) solutions are the foundation of cybersecurity infrastructure. IDAM protects user credentials, assets and data interactions, creating a safe, frictionless online ecosystem. Sekuro’s IDAM solutions enable a host of functions, including the protection of privileged accounts, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and user lifecycle management (ULM).

Modern Workplace Security

To implement security measures for a modern hybrid workplace, Sekuro develops a comprehensive Zero Trust security policy addressing personal devices, networks, and data encryption. We conduct regular audits of our client’s security posture, to identify vulnerabilities and address them proactively.

Sekuro specialises in Microsoft 365 ecosystem enhancement to protect and manage user identities, secure data access and securely manage endpoints. Our solutions also cover mergers and acquisitions protocols to drive consolidation of cloud tenants and on-premise platforms.

Technology and Platforms Building Resilience

University of Wollongong campus

University Of Wollongong Scores High Marks For Endpoint Security With Sekuro And CrowdStrike

With the help of Sekuro, UOW rolled out CrowdStrike Falcon Complete across almost 6,000 endpoints in just one month, followed by its servers and international campuses. Learn how we did it...

Challenges faced by organisations undertaking Business transformation

Many companies and public sector organisations face similar problems when they set out to accomplish a business transformation. These issues need to be addressed with strategic planning to avoid serious delays, cost overruns and cyber security breaches.


The improper and incomplete configuration of security settings are leading causes of cloud data breaches.

Unauthorised access

Cloud security vulnerabilities can lead to compromised user credentials, giving attackers access to sensitive data and administrative controls.

Insecure interfaces & APIs

Communication service providers (CSPs) frequently provide application programming interfaces (APIs) and interfaces for their customers. This creates serious vulnerabilities if the interfaces with cloud-based infrastructure aren’t properly secured

Lack of visibility

An organisation’s cloud-based resources are located outside the corporate network and run on infrastructure the company doesn’t own. Without appropriate monitoring measures in place, this can limit an organisation’s ability to protect against attack.

Accidental exposure of credentials

Exposure of user credentials in cases of human error can permanently compromise privacy, not only of the users immediately affected but also through data breaches enabled by the misuse of those credentials.

Incident response gaps

With cloud-based infrastructure, organisations often have only partial visibility and ownership of their infrastructure. This distance makes older security tools and protocols ineffective and demands a re-evaluation of cyber security tactics.

Our Technology Vendor Partners

Sekuro focuses on securing our client’s environments using a carefully curated, market-leading technology ecosystem. The best-of-breed solutions that we partner with cover the most crucial areas of cyber security for global enterprises.

Protect your digital assets

Forward-looking organisations are rapidly evolving toward highly integrated, cloud-native technology solutions.

In a recent report from Gartner, annual spending on cloud services was found to have grown from US$410 billion in 2021 to nearly US$495 billion in 2022. Gartner predicts this radical trend to continue into 2023, pushing annual cloud investment up to almost US$600 billion.

The business imperatives powering the growth in cloud investment are many and diverse, but there are some fundamental advantages bestowed by cloud that are universal. Cloud platforms enable unprecedented levels of service automation, efficiency and interoperability, paving the way for faster growth, decentralisation and innovation.

In this burgeoning world of cloud decentralisation, it’s more important than ever to protect critical systems from cyber-attack. Enterprise security depends on vigilant control of all endpoints and applications, including reliable mechanisms for backup and compliance. But secure cloud platforms also depend on a deep culture of security thinking across every aspect of the IT ecosystem.

As your organisation scales and adds complexity to its online infrastructure, it’s vital to make cyber security a foundational component of your digital transformation journey. Resilient IT systems are built with security at their core rather than as a mere add-on or afterthought. Cyber security principles should be hard-wired into your online architecture end-to-end, with careful consideration given to optimisation, elegant design and observability.

FAQ: Technologies and Platforms

Technologies & Platforms are a range of offerings that can assist organisations in enhancing their security posture. These solutions can consist of services such as consulting and integration, as well as expert guidance from Sekuro's Technology & Platform specialists who have significant experience and expertise in the cybersecurity industry. Our solutions are tailored to help organisations evaluate their current security posture, identify potential vulnerabilities, and recommend the right path to improve security.

Sekuro Technologies & Platforms Specialists are experts in cybersecurity industry. They work with organisations to identify their cybersecurity needs and recommend solutions that can address those needs. They also help organisations implement and manage those solutions, ensuring that they are effectively protecting the organisation's sensitive data and critical assets.

Technologies & Platforms can help organisations in several ways. They can help organisations identify vulnerabilities in their current cybersecurity posture and provide recommendations to address those vulnerabilities. This can help organisations protect their sensitive data and critical assets from cyber threats. They can also help organisations comply with relevant cybersecurity regulations and standards, which can be critical for organisations in highly regulated industries. Lastly, Technologies & Platforms can help organisations improve their overall cybersecurity posture, which can help them avoid costly data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.

Modern Workplace Security is a term that refers to the strategies and solutions that organizations use to protect their data, devices, and users in the digital era. With the rise of cloud computing, mobile devices, and remote work, traditional security models are no longer sufficient to cope with the evolving threats and challenges. Modern Workplace Security aims to provide a holistic and proactive approach to security, leveraging technologies such as identity and access management, endpoint protection, threat detection and response, data encryption, and cloud security. By adopting Modern Workplace Security, organisations can enhance their productivity, collaboration, and innovation, while reducing the risks of data breaches, cyber attacks, and compliance violations.

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