Internal Penetration Testing

What is Internal Penetration Testing?

Internal penetration testing, or internal pen testing, is a process of testing the security vulnerabilities of a company’s internal network. This type of testing is done by a team of cyber security experts who simulate a real-world hacking attack to identify the weaknesses in the company’s system. The process can include testing firewalls, servers, email systems, and other components of the network.

IT systems are the backbone of any business, small or large. Internal servers, applications and workstations hold information that is critical to any business. The information can be a mix of IP, commercially sensitive, or personally identifiable information. Systems that hold this information and employees who access this information are trusted and therefore generally subject to .

It is this trust that hackers try and constantly exploit as there is a higher likelihood of successfully compromising an organisation from within than it is from the outside.

All organisations should test the security of their internal systems from the perspective of an internal attacker to ensure a compromised staff account or a disgruntled user cannot cause serious and irreparable damage or their ability to function.


Penetration testing (i.e. paying ethical hackers to safely attack you) is the quickest and most cost effective way to identify vulnerabilities within your trusted corporate network. It delivers tangible ROI and helps you protect your reputation and business.

Our Sekuro RED team are experienced and certified ethical hackers. They can help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities before the bad folks find and exploit them.

Our engagement process is simple and we are here in person and over the phone to assist at every stage.

Learn about how we helped Westfund Health Insurance test their cyber security and privacy protocols and help maintain their customer’s trust.

Why is Internal Penetration Testing useful?

Internal penetration testing is useful for a company as it helps prevent potential cyber-attacks and data breaches. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the system, companies can patch up weaknesses before they are exploited by attackers. Furthermore, internal penetration testing also helps companies comply with security regulations and standards, such as those in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Overall, internal penetration testing is an essential aspect of a company’s cyber security strategy to protect their data and critical assets from unauthorised access.

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