Managed Security Services: SecOps to Trust Tomorrow

From threat detection, response and risk-based vulnerability management, through to breach and attack simulation and advanced reporting, Sekuro’s managed security solutions proactively hunt for, and respond to, threats in real time. 

Combining advanced tools and proven processes, you have peace of mind knowing we are always there protecting your assets.

Threat Response & Intelligence Operations Centre (TRIO Centre)

Going beyond the traditional monitoring services a Security Operations Centre (SOC) might offer, Sekuro’s TRIO Centre continually monitors your systems with advanced threat detection technologies 24/7. It offers quantifiable risk reduction by delivering rapid threat detection and response, incident triage and notification and incident response support, with various integration capabilities that allow our Security Operations Centre team to truly partner with your delivery teams.  

TRIO elevates your security posture and counteracts sophisticated threats that may target both IT and OT environments, allowing us to detect and respond to the most evasive threats that otherwise slip through the cracks in other detection methodologies. It builds on your existing security infrastructure, without adding burden to your operational teams.  

TRIO comprises endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management, breach and attack simulation and security analytics, underpinned by advanced data storage and log management, machine learning, behavioural analysis and automation.  

TRIO consists of a flexible three-tiered technology and service architecture: 

Incident Response

No system is infallible.

When security measures fail Sekuro’s clients need a trusted partner who can investigate, contain, and respond to attacks as quickly as possible while maintaining a focus on getting the business operational and preserving digital evidence.  

Sekuro’s incident response capability delivers a fast and sure way of regaining control of systems and data should the worst happen. Our team of experts can guide clients through the turmoil of a major cyber incident or work with them in the aftermath to look for ways to improve and uplift their security posture, based on lessons learned and gaps in technology and process controls.

Sekuro’s incident response capability is engaged as a standalone activity, or can be integrated into our managed services engagements on a retainer basis.

Continuous Compliance

We manage ongoing compliance and auditing requirements (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISM, SOC 2, CPS 234 and others) to make sure you continuously maintain compliance and get the most operational benefits out of their compliance investment.

We integrate compliance activities and checks all year around to:

  • Keep you compliant with ongoing obligations
  • Periodically review business changes which may need compliance or impact your compliance
  • Take the stress away and operational impact on compliance anniversaries

Already certified or compliant? Not a problem. We can onboard existing compliance setups to free up your internal teams and we can work with your existing auditors and/or certifiers.

Continuous Optimisation

Sekuro implements continuous attack simulation and detection to continuously test and refine your monitoring capabilities, whether internal or external. This keeps you in lockstep with – or ahead of – threat actors.

Sekuro continuously updates your cloud and security stack to protect against the latest threats.

Sekuro makes use of and benefits from the latest configurations and features that you are licensed.

Sekuro supports a wide range of technologies and cloud architectures.

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