Managed Security Services: SecOps to Trust Tomorrow

From threat detection, response and risk-based vulnerability management, through to breach and attack simulation and advanced reporting, Sekuro’s managed security solutions proactively hunt for, and respond to, threats in real time. 

Combining advanced tools and proven processes, you have peace of mind knowing we are always there protecting your assets.

Managed Security Service Provider: Local and Talented

Sekuro’s Managed Security Service (MSS) acts as an extension of your security team.  We provide fully managed 24/7/365 monitoring, detection, triage and response services. These services are carried out by certified security experts through our highly available and ISO 27001 compliant virtual security operation centre (vSOC).

Our technology and platform stack is SaaS and cloud-hosted, and integrated with the identity and access management (IAM) to protect against unauthorised access. Sekuro’s vSOC is designed to enable continuity, bypassing the disruptions that can occur in a physical capacity. Our MSS reduces the number of operational security personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train, and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture – taking the pressure off you.

Sekuro offers:

  • Threat Monitoring, Triage and Notification
  • Managed Detection & Response Plus
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management Service

Sekuro is focused on securing the resilience of businesses as they continue to evolve digitally. We fully understand the importance of protecting clients’ critical business assets from attackers who may target information and systems for criminal gain. We live in an age where it’s more important than ever to understand where cyber threats come from, and how they target your organisation.

Organisations of all sizes, across every industry and complexity are continually under attack from cyber criminals. Taking proactive action against threats allows you to protect yourself as your business conducts its activities online.


  • With our local, Australian-based staff, there’s quick response time and no outsourcing overseas, allowing you to get to know and trust who you are working with.
  • Customisable solution and dashboards, tailored to your needs
  • Full visibility and transparency through portal access to your security data, allowing you to see the actions taken by our security analysts in defence of your enterprise
  • Alerts and insights around the threats that matter – we’ll sort through false positives for you
  • 24/7/365 coverage from our Australia-based virtual Security Operations Centre
  • Extension of your internal team (close collaboration) with access to the tool sets our analysts use
  • Favourable commercial terms including a no lock-in contract that allows you to take your data, use cases and rules with you at the end of the contract (Terms and Conditions apply)

6 questions to ask your Managed Security Services Provider

Take the next step toward comprehensive cyber security by viewing Sekuro’s short but informative webinar “Six questions you should be asking your MSSP to strengthen your security posture”. In this informative and accessible conversation, we cover the most important aspects of MSSP selection and offer real-world solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing security managers and executives.

Threat Monitoring, Triage & Notification (TMTN)


Sekuro’s SOC continually monitors security information and telemetry from ICT systems, network devices and applications. Should we detect the indicators of an attack, the SOC notifies you of this activity and assists by providing details and the information required for further investigation by the client’s IT and security teams.


The team continually assesses open source and premium threat intelligence feeds to identify issues and threats.


Sekuro uses a sophisticated threat-centric model for improving our detection capability over time. We use our Red Team to model attack vectors in the client’s environment and then seek indicators of attack along the vectors that could be used by the SOC to detect such attacks.


Sekuro organises an offensive security engagement with each of our clients. During this process, a pen tester creates a profile of threats associated with the client’s infrastructure and works closely with the SOC to conduct reconnaissance and rules that boost detection performance.


When Sekuro discovers threats through our open-source monitoring capability pertinent to the client’s enterprise, our threat intelligence analysts will publish tactical threat intelligence advisories to clients. These threat advisories provide awareness of prevailing threats and offer associated mitigation steps.


Sekuro’s SOC collects useful data and metrics that can help your organisation plan its future investment in security controls and projects. All SOC engagements include standard service reporting on live performance and trigger reactiveness such as those generated from correlation rules and direct from monitored security controls.


Sekuro’s SOC runs its own IT Service Management built on Atlassian’s JIRA Service Desk. This allows us to manage each client from one unified set of workflows and track every interaction through the service continuum.

Incident Response

No system is infallible.

When security measures fail, Sekuro’s clients need a trusted partner who can investigate, contain, and respond to attacks as quickly as possible while maintaining a focus on getting the business operational and preserving digital evidence.

Sekuro’s incident response capability delivers a fast and sure way of regaining control of systems and data should the worst happen. Our team of experts can guide clients through the turmoil of a major cyber incident or work with them in the aftermath to look for ways to improve and uplift their security posture, based on lessons learned and gaps in technology and process controls.

Sekuro’s incident response capability is engaged as a standalone activity, or can be integrated into our managed services engagements on a retainer basis.

Continuous Compliance

We manage ongoing compliance and auditing requirements (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISM, SOC 2, CPS 234 and others) to make sure you continuously maintain compliance and get the most operational benefits out of their compliance investment.

We integrate compliance activities and checks all year around to:

  • Keep you compliant with ongoing obligations
  • Periodically review business changes which may need compliance or impact your compliance
  • Take the stress away and operational impact on compliance anniversaries

Already certified or compliant? Not a problem. We can onboard existing compliance setups to free up your internal teams and we can work with your existing auditors and/or certifiers.

Continuous Optimisation

Sekuro implements continuous attack simulation and detection to continuously test and refine your monitoring capabilities, whether internal or external. This keeps you in lockstep with – or ahead of – threat actors.

Sekuro continuously updates your cloud and security stack to protect against the latest threats.

Sekuro makes use of and benefits from the latest configurations and features that you are licensed.

Sekuro supports a wide range of technologies and cloud architectures.

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