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Sekuro launches its Zero Trust Strategy services on AWS Marketplace for ANZ organisations to streamline procurement, leverage existing AWS capabilities

Sekuro is the first organisation to deliver Zero Trust Strategy consulting services on AWS Marketplace in partnership with CrowdStrike, Zscaler and Okta, as part of Sekuro's Zero Trust Alliance

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 15 February 2024: Sekuro, the cyber security and digital resiliency provider, today announced that it has launched its Zero Trust Strategy services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, a curated digital catalogue that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses. The consulting service is a comprehensive, rational, technical cyber security review delivered in partnership with world-leading vendors CrowdStrike, Zscaler, and Okta as part of Sekuro’s Zero Trust Alliance initiative, which formalises the fusion of Sekuro’s cyber security modernisation pathways with best-fit customer solutions to protect every user, every device in every location – every time.

Globally, Okta found around four out of five organisations surveyed saw an increase in budgets over the past year for security initiatives, with 60% of organisations seeing up to a 24% budget allocation increase for initiatives around Zero Trust. The release of the Federal Government’s new Australian Cyber Security Strategy has put increased scrutiny on organisations and their leaders to step up their cyber protections. The Australian government has also committed to developing a whole-of-government Zero Trust culture.

Sekuro has identified endpoint and data protection combined with identity and network access as key contributing factors of a successful Zero Trust strategy, with a prioritised focus in these areas creating the fastest time to value. As a result, Sekuro consciously created the Zero Trust Alliance with three global vendors delivering leading solutions to these challenges.

With Sekuro’s mission to be its client’s most trusted partner, the launch signifies greater accessibility and convenience to buy and manage security services. Engaging Sekuro’s Zero Trust Strategy services through AWS Marketplace simplifies purchasing and billing of associated software licenses from CrowdStrike, Zscaler, and Okta, making a mature and holistic cyber security posture even more accessible — especially to organisations seeking to extend their existing AWS capabilities.

Jason Trampevski, CTO of Sekuro said: “In the face of increased cyber awareness, we know that security budgets have remained resilient against market forces. We’ve also seen Zero Trust shift from a concept to an actionable strategy.” “Whilst security budgets have remained largely protected, during an economic downturn, organisations are looking for value. They want to do more with the budget they have. Organisations are looking to improve cost transparency and reduce wastage by consolidating the number of vendors they engage with and simplifying billing processes as a result. “The ability to purchase software licensing to support our Zero Trust Strategy on AWS Marketplace helps organisations increase the ROI of their tech investments whilst helping to build resilience against evolving threats.”

Sekuro’s unique Zero Trust Strategy services leverage the Alliance’s best-of-breed technology and Sekuro’s unique locally-based expertise to deliver a fully integrated solution. Sekuro’s framework has been created 100 per cent in-house to focus on the areas that give the greatest security benefits whilst being pragmatic and realistically achievable for all organisations. It was created by security professionals with decades of hands-on experience in cyber security engineering, architecture, and executive leadership across both private and government sectors globally.


Sekuro’s Zero Trust Strategy is tailored to each organisation’s level of maturity, which is determined through a simple and easy assessment. The strategy can be applied to organisations that are digitally native, have a legacy footprint or anything in between. Sekuro also offers implementation and ongoing support options to ensure investments are maximised and compliance with the Sekuro Zero Trust Strategy is maintained.


Sekuro’s partner solutions, including products from CrowdStrike, Okta, and Zscaler, integrate with AWS cloud capabilities. 

Supporting quotes from the Zero Trust Alliance Members


“The evolving threat landscape in Australia highlights the urgent necessity for businesses to adopt proactive and robust security measures. The Zero Trust Alliance is a positive step towards making the online world a safer and more secure place,” said Phil Goldie, Vice President and Managing Director, Okta Australia and New Zealand.

“At Okta, we advocate for a Zero Trust security framework which is grounded in the principle of ‘never trust, always verify.’ This approach puts identity at the very core of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches. We are proud to be working with Sekuro, Z-Scaler and Crowdstrike,” Goldie added.


“The cybercrime problem continues to intensify as attackers get faster and more sophisticated. According to the CrowdStrike 2023 Threat Hunting Report, 62 per cent of interactive intrusions involved compromised identities, while the average time it takes an adversary to move laterally from initial compromise to other hosts in the victim environment dropped to just 79 minutes,” said Jon Fox, vice president of Channel APJ at CrowdStrike.

“Sekuro’s Zero Trust Strategy delivers modern security solutions that organisations need to protect themselves against today’s attacks and stop breaches.”


“This is a truly special collaboration that brings together Sekuro’s local digital resiliency expertise with leading global security vendors CrowdStrike, Zscaler, and Okta to deliver a synergistic blend of people, processes, and technology,” said Foad Farrokhnia, Vice President, Channels & Alliances, Asia Pacific & Japan at Zscaler.

“Our customers will now be able to easily procure our solutions on the AWS Marketplace as part of a Zero Trust Strategy with Sekuro, making the initial process much more streamlined. This Zero Trust Alliance is committed to delivering the level of security and efficiency needed by Australian businesses to stay protected in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

“With the recent announcement of Australia’s cybersecurity strategy and action plan, it is even more critical for IT vendors to band together to ensure we are delivering best-of-breed technology that also meets the security needs of Australian businesses.

“At Zscaler, we are strongly aligned with the Zero Trust Alliance’s mission to ensure Australian businesses are able to take advantage of world-class security solutions on AWS Marketplace with greater ease and are deeply heartened to be partnered with CrowdStrike, Okta, and Sekuro to achieve this.”

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