Advisory, Assurance & Compliance

Experienced and accomplished in advisory, assurance and compliance practices, Sekuro provides the competence, guidance and certainty you need stay in the game and to make your next move.


Sekuro bridges the gap between the technical and business world to create meaningful business cases and enhance decision making.  We’re as at ease with executives as we are with technical teams.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Design, plan and implement tailored information security strategies, management systems, governance & risk management framework and document security.

Proactive Security

Work with your team to secure your cloud’s design and configuration, plan for incident response and perform secure code reviews.

Awareness & Training

NIST CSF, adopted by reputable companies such as JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft, helps businesses of all sizes to better understand, manage, and reduce their cyber security risk and protect their networks and data.

Assurance & Compliance

We uphold very high standards of honesty, rigor, flexibility and service. Our people take the time to listen and understand the full picture, allowing us to ask the right questionssimulate the likely adversaries and build practical – and compliant – solutions for your business. 

Offensive Security

Advanced intelligence-led attack simulations (RED teams), war-room incident response drills, physical rogue intrusion testing, intelligence gathering and penetration testing.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Governance strategy definition, cover all aspects of Risk Management, Vendor Risk and perform a range of assessment and audits covering key standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, ISM, PCI DSS, CPS 234, SOC2, Privacy Act, RFFR, TDIF and more.

Proactive Security

We leverage the deep technical expertise of our Engineering, GRC, and Offensive security teams to ensure all your technologies and platforms are correctly implemented, configured, and governed to improve your visibility and readiness to an adverse event.

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