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The next intake for Hackcelerator commences in December2023.

Passionate about Cyber security?

Sekuro has always been a proud member and long-time sponsor of the Information Security industry both in Australia and New Zealand. Why? Because as the world continues to transform digitally, the need for cyber security becomes critical. We know that there is a need to bring young, bright, talented individuals into the industry, as well as inspire them to discover the opportunities available. As an organisation, we support cyber security programs that assist students, graduates, or interns who have a passion for cyber security and enable them to get an accelerated start within this dynamic industry.

Sekuro’s ongoing commitment to advancing the Australian and New Zealand Information Security Industry has inspired us to introduce our own programs:

Sekuro Hackcelerator Mentorship Program

Sekuro Cybernator Graduate Program

Our aim is to assist the next generation of skilled individuals to engage with ‘real-world’ practical examples, while learning from Sekurian Champions who have vast experience in this industry. The programs offer access to reputable training, and opportunities to attend and lead security conferences.

Sekuro Hackcelerator Mentorship Program

Join The Best Cyber Security Mentorship Program Around!

Hackcelerate your career and learn from Sekurian Champions with our mentorship program. We’ll cover security awareness training and you’ll get superb hands-on experience as you grow your knowledge of Sekuro’s services, systems, and business operations. You’ll spend time with our leaders, executives and have the opportunity to learn from experts in cyber.

Hackcelerator runs once a year from Sekuro’s Sydney Office. Designed to accelerate your career, the Hackcelerator Mentorship Program is crafted to help you learn the foundational skills needed to kickstart your career in Offensive Security or GRC.

The program can run in line with your university, college or TAFE schedule. We make it easy to juggle the program with your busy schedule as a commitment of only 1 session per week and some on side learning is required.

Duration: 10 weeks

Time Commitment: 3 hours a week

Experience required:

  • Good verbal and written communication.
  • Driven and results oriented.
  • Currently enrolled as a student at an Australian University pursuing a degree, certification or post graduate certification in a related security (or technical) field.


  • Work with a tailored, security Hackcelerator development plan
  • Gain real work experience inside a security organisation – perfect for the CV!
  • Complimentary access to live training events and information security training
  • Hackcelerator swag to kit you up

Craving more information?

Sekuro Cybernator Graduate Program

Join the best Information Security Graduate Program around!

This unmissable opportunity will provide you with the superhuman power of seeing the information security business through the lens of a leading cyber security partner. We will provide you with security awareness training and hands-on experience, as you grow your knowledge of Sekuro’s services, systems and business operations.


  • Mentorship – You’ll have the direction, support and guidance you need to shape and develop your career. Your mentor will be a highly skilled professional in the cyber security space. Imagine having a world of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips.
  • Tailor-made – Our program is bespoke and holistic with a focus on only a few select individuals. This allows you to tailor your experience, enabling you to become the professional you aspire to be.
  • You’re a person, not a number – We care about people as individual, human beings. At Sekuro, you won’t get lost in the numbers, that’s for sure.
  • Socials, Communities and Vibe – Love getting involved with community events and socials? Great! There’s more where that came from. We love a good social event and making connections across the team.
  • Certifications Funding – We’ll help fund your certifications! How long are the programs? Mentorships are 10 weeks. The graduate program is 12 months.
  • Inclusive and Equal – We believe in ability and potential, not what your position title is or where you studied. As a grad or mentor, you’ll be treated just like the rest of us.


“After completing the Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) stream of the Hackcelerator mentorship, I was slightly nervous to jump into the complex world of cyber security. Self-doubt, anxiety, excitement, and curiosity, so many thoughts ran through my mind as I imagined what working in GRC might be like.
However, after starting the Sekuro Graduate Program in 2022, many of these thoughts subsided. The transition from University to full-time work has been fun and rewarding. I’ve been able to work with passionate and driven individuals who have helped create a great learning environment.
At Sekuro, I’ve made friends, been mentored by experts, and become more confident, all whilst learning how to adapt to the quickly evolving world of cyber security.” – Conrad Byrnes-Krickl, Associate Analyst

Sekuro Cybernator Graduate Program FAQs

A Graduate program is an opportunity for you to complete work, gain knowledge and contribute to projects that enhance your skills in a given area. The Sekuro Cybernator Graduate Program requires you to work in a billable capacity for Sekuro as any other employee.

Yes, along with other benefits such as paying for security conferences that you are interested in and cool swag.

For the Sekuro Cybernator Graduate Program to work best, you do need face to face time with your Sekuro Champion. You may apply from any city but you must to be ready to travel (at your own expense) to a Sekuro office.

You will be expected to attend a Sekuro office a few times per week as per your graduate program contract.

As this is a Graduate Program, you are expected to participate as a full-time employee 5 days a week.

Yes. Anyone can apply for the Sekuro Cybernator Graduate Program, as long as they meet the requirements listed under the outlines e.g., you can be enrolled in a certification from a TAFE institute.

Ready to Apply?

To apply, visit the job opening when they are available on the Sekuro Careers Page or email our Talent Team directly.

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