Role Based Consulting

Sekuro’s Role-based Consulting Services help organisations swiftly overcome skills shortages by augmenting teams with highly trained experts.
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Sekuro Role Based Consulting Services

Sekuro provides cyber security and digital resiliency services that help our customers mature their cyber programs.

Sekuro invests heavily in partnering with cyber security specialists across the country that enable us to scale to our customers’ demands and provide bespoke expertise into flexible service arrangements via a time and materials service model.

Our role-based consultants undergo internal vetting with our experienced subject matter experts and senior cybersecurity consulting professionals, and we strive to ensure that customer requirements are articulated effectively to produce meaningful engagements for all parties on a consistent basis. We work hard to establish trust with both our consultants and customers to carefully align business outcomes.

If your organisation is facing skill gaps and struggling to hire cyber security or other technical specialists with the right technical expertise, Sekuro’s Role-Based Consulting Service is the answer. We’ll integrate with your existing teams to help you optimise productivity, not just in cyber security, but across all areas of modern technology.

Accelerate your projects and increase teams capability

Many organisations are experiencing unprecedented pressure on their digital services. Surging growth in the online economy, coupled with an ever-increasing threat from cybercrime means that in-house IT teams are stretched beyond their limit. Hiring is difficult, and upskilling existing team members is usually too slow to meet demand. As such, there is a critical shortage of highly skilled technical specialists globally. Some organisations attempt to plug their hiring gaps with offshore resources, but this approach is inconsistent at best, usually generating a host of new security issues and productivity burdens.

Sekuro’s Role-based Consulting Services help our customers swiftly overcome their skills shortages by providing team augmentation solutions. We provide both long-term and short-term services offering highly trained specialist architects, engineers, business advisors, and project managers who you can augment onto your projects and meet your business objectives. Our people have experienced multiple client engagements covering complex software development, project services, strategy and architecture, and advisory.

We help you close your technology skills gaps quickly, accelerating your projects and achieving your deliverables at pace.

Our people will deliver outstanding outcomes across your IT lifecycle.

Sekuro Role Based Consulting Services

Our Service Models are broken down into 3 major categories:

  1. Project-based services (Outcomes/Deliverables) supported by our PMO
  2. Role-based Consulting Services (Time and Materials engagements leveraging the Sekuro Consultant Community)
  3. Managed Security Services

Our role-based consultants support our customers across a broad range of services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Cyber Program enablement services (VCISO, PMO etc)
  • Security Architecture and Strategy (Application, Cloud, Infrastructure, Identity, Data Management etc)
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (Audit Readiness, Controls Review, Policies and Standards etc)
  • Technology SME’s (POC Architecture, Design, Integration and Implementation leadership, vendor management)
  • Security Engineering (Optimisation, Tuning, Hardening, Use Case Development, Configuration etc)
  • Security Operations Team Augmentation (SOC Analysts, SOC Platform Engineering)
  • Other specialists (ie PKI/Encryption, Secure Code Development, Application Security Engineers, DevSecOps specialists)

Benefits of Role Based Consulting

Relieve pressure on your overworked teams

Burn-out is a major productivity issue for IT teams globally. Team augmentation provides a strategy to lift productivity while maintaining sustainable workloads.

Secure team integration

In contrast with outsourcing and offshoring, augmenting your team with Sekuro’s consultants is a secure, low-friction means of closing IT skill gaps. Your organisation gets the highly experienced experts it needs immediately without losing the reliability of an in-house workforce. While they’re working with you, Sekuro’s role-based consultants collaborate seamlessly with the rest of your team and report directly to your management. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, or just for the duration of a specific project, we’re there to accelerate your project deliverables.


Cost efficiency is a major factor to consider when weighing the benefits of our Role-Based Consulting Services. Rather than investing large sums of money in recruitment, training and retention, your organisation gets seasoned experts and industry leaders when you need them in a more cost-effective way.

Meet your deadlines

The contemporary cybersecurity workplace is a fast-paced environment. With Sekuro Role-Based Consulting, you’ll achieve faster project completion while also maintaining the highest standards of work.


Need to pivot quickly? Experiencing explosive growth? When you’re working with Sekuro, we’ll make sure you get the expert people you need right now. It’s hard to predict what skills you might need in this fast-changing cybersecurity landscape, so rely on us to supply the consultants you need.

Expertise & Experience

It’s one thing to be qualified, but it’s something else to be highly experienced. When you engage Sekuro as your consulting partner, you know you’ll be working with people who don’t just have the education and skills but also possess real-world experience. We take the time to understand your organisation and match you with experts who can deliver the specific skills you need.

More control & transparency

If your organisation takes the offshoring route, there’s a built-in vulnerability because you have no direct control over who you work with and no means to vet their ethics and credentials. Sekuro takes the uncertainty out of your project engagements by providing your organisation with local experts with impeccable track records.

Sekuro's Approach to Role Based Consulting

Sekuro actively participates in the cyber security community through industry events and forums for CIOs and CISOs and industry leaders. We have our finger on the pulse of the industry, and we’re always listening to our customers so we can deliver the services they really need.

Our mission is to assemble cutting-edge teams and services that pre-empt the needs of our customers. We train and prepare cyber security specialists who can step into a customer’s team at short notice and solve problems before they become crises.

Through the continuous building of ‘values-driven’ relationships within our Sekuro Consultant Community, and consistent execution of due diligence processes for the lifecycle of consulting engagements, our Role-Based Consulting services provide distinct improvements in customer experience, business value and outcomes when compared to traditional contractor or augmentation models and providers.

ExampleS of Project-Based RBC EngagementS

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Expertise

Our client is one of Australia’s top performing superannuation funds. With more than 910,000 members and managing over AU$85 billion of their money (as of 30 June 2023), our client has a proud history of investing back into the industries their members work in.

The Challenge:

Our client is regulated under the APRA framework and is therefore required to implement Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions.

  • They lacked the internal resources and skills to optimise its existing PAM investment from CyberArk, stalling the deployment project.
  • They needed to bring together stakeholders from different sides of the business, with varying levels of technical knowledge, to successfully create a PAM roadmap and implement it across the organisation.

The Solution:

Our client engaged Sekuro’s Role-Based Consulting services to bring in an expert in PAM technologies to:

  • Perform a health check to determine remediation requirements;
  • Create a stakeholder engagement plan to ensure all relevant parties were informed and on board with the project;
  • Engage internal teams for audits of privileged accounts;
  • Uplift the existing CyberArk PAM infrastructure and set up an internal support process for ongoing management.

The Outcome:

As a result of the engagement, our client:

  • Successfully re-engaged all relevant stakeholders to complete the project in under 12 months with further enhancements and adoption work planned
  • Has confidence in its PAM solution and can trust in its ability to onboard new internal users in a secure way;
  • Is able to detect dormant credentials to improve identity management processes and reduce security risks;
  • Now has the foundations in place to better isolate breaches and conduct investigations;
  • Achieved significant savings in internal hiring to support the PAM platform and received knowledge sharing and training of internal team members and new starters to uplift capability.

Active Directory and Enterprise Domain Remediation Expertise

Our client is the largest provider of services in Australia’s superannuation administration industry, which services the fourth largest pension pool in the world based on funds under management.

The Challenge:

Our client inherited numerous disparate legacy systems as a result of a number of acquisitions. This included approximately 12 independent identity platform deployments.

  • Most of these identity solutions were dated and out of support leaving them vulnerable to attacks from inside and out and preventing them from running next-generation applications to improve security.
  • The internal team did not have the capability or time to audit and remediate the legacy systems.

The Solution:

Our clients engaged Sekuro’s Role-Based Consulting services to bring on an expert in active directory and enterprise domain remediation to:

  • Conduct an assessment to identify the legacy systems and establish a plan for the remediation or decommissioning of its identity platforms;
  • Identify stakeholders and business unit owners from across the organisation and implement a detailed, rigorous change management program with the support of internal teams.

The outcome:

As a result of the engagement, our client has:

  • Successfully brought together key stakeholders to complete the project in one year; reduced security risks by auditing 12 directory environments and over 100 servers, removing out-of-warranty and out-support hardware and cleaning up approximately 40-50k legacy user credentials.
  • Reduced the amount of servers required, resulting in a smaller footprint with less management and licensing costs and a smaller attack surface.
  • Business given confidence in secure M&A integration moving forward
  • Significant cost and time savings in hiring people internally. Knowledge transfer to existing team members saving significant costs to optimise infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Role Based Consulting

Role-Based Consulting, is a resource engagement strategy that seeks to close the skill gaps in a Cybersecurity team by collaborating with a partner service provider. Organisations augment vetted and tested consultants. It is becoming increasingly popular in the technology sector because of the difficulties of the retaining skilled people.

Role-Based Consulting supplements overworked or underskilled IT departments with IT specialists from a partner consultancy. Augmented team workers integrate with the customer’s in-house technology teams to maximise efficiency and productivity. IT specialists working in augmented team situations may create firewalls, analyse cyber security risks, and implement software tools, among other things.
Many organisations struggle to have sufficient resources internally to address their complex technology challenges in a timely fashion. Partnering with a Role-Based Consulting provider can accelerate projects, reducing costs and roadblocks inherent in long delivery timelines.

An organisation that engages in offshoring or outsourcing quickly loses management visibility. Outsourcing has a built-in vulnerability because you have no direct control over who you work with and no realistic means to vet their ethics and credentials. Traditional recruitment is over-reliant on internal recruitment processes and can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive to get right. Recruiters provide an introductory service only, with minimal vetting. On the other hand, Role-Based Consulting is an integrated approach to skill acquisition, which merges with an organisation’s existing management structure while providing highly vetted specialist skill sets as required.

Role-Based Consulting is equivalent in cost to hiring skilled IT specialists in a conventional way. But the flexibility of team augmentation can actually deliver savings because organisations don’t need to keep experts on their permanent payroll. To properly address this question, we also need to consider the real costs of neglecting technology projects or essential work because of team shortfalls.

Reputable Role-Based Consulting providers give their customers a wide range of contract options. The idea is to create a service package that ideally suits the needs of the customer without unnecessary expenditure.

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