Strategy & Architecture

Strategy & Architecture

Sekuro’s Strategy & Architecture team help clients by providing pragmatic advisory around security strategy and architecture. They think big, focused on long term strategic outcomes for organisations and getting the best value out of their investments, with tailored advice and strategy.

When clients have a difficult fork in the road and are unsure which way will pay dividends long term to their security program, our Strategy & Architecture team help guide that decision. For organisations who have a problem but are unsure of the solution, our Strategy & Architecture team will recommend not just best practice, but best fit for that organisation in terms of budget, resources, risk appetite and complexity.

4 Rules for Strategic Advice

Our Strategy & Architecture team have lived and breathed security in the customer’s shoes – leading cyber security strategy for organisations globally.

Their advice is practical, pragmatic, and focused on real world scenarios and outcomes. They have 4 simple rules with their strategic advice:

Clear: No fluffy recommendations that leave a customer going ‘huh’? We tell it like it is and be clear on the outcome required.

Realistic: We don’t recommend ‘pipe dreams’ for organisations that we know won’t work in the real world. We know what works inside a real business, and what doesn’t, and we always choose the former. We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Beneficial: We don’t make recommendations because “everybody does it this way”. We make them because they will truly benefit a customer’s security and resilience, and we can & will always explain how and why.

Actionable: We don’t recommend outcomes to clients that are far out of their reach. The advice is tailored, so the client can always take real action to protect their organisation the second they receive our advice/strategy.

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Zero Trust Strategy

Sekuro’s unique approach to strategy & architecture led it to create a Zero Trust Strategy that focuses on the areas that give the greatest security benefits whilst being pragmatic and realistically achievable for all organisations.

Changes in the way organisations engage with technology have moved data outside the protection of traditional security controls, in some cases rendering them powerless to protect. Sekuro’s Zero Trust Strategy allows organisations to address this by modernising their approach to security and allowing their business to digitally transform securely.

The strategy encompasses 8 key pillars across 3 maturity levels. Sekuro’s Zero Trust Strategy takes a holistic look at your organisation’s entire cyber security posture delivering a tailored strategy that’s clear, realistic, beneficial, and actionable.

Overview of Sekuro Zero Trust Strategy

How CBHS Improved Its Cyber Health With Sekuro's Zero Trust Strategy

Sekuro’s Strategy and Architecture team delivered a Zero Trust Strategy program, providing wide visibility into CBHS’s security threats and an effective means of planning.

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Identity is complicated, and remote access and SaaS models have made traditional network-based security controls ineffective. Identity is now the main security gate for valuable organisational data, and it involves multiple technologies such as MFA, privileged access management, workforce and contractor identity, remote access, combined with people and process controls and architecture.

Through our modern, creative approach – we uncover unique cases such as using Identity to segment networks, MFA hardening whilst making user experience seamless, providing MFA in front of older technologies that do not support it and more.

The approach takes a holistic look at your organisation’s approach to identity, delivering a recommendation that’s different, pragmatic, in-depth, and tailored.

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