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A career in cyber security with Sekuro

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A career in cyber security with Sekuro will be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Join us for a rewarding and diverse career in Cyber Security - you'll have fun!

A career in cyber security with Sekuro is a lot of fun.

The governance, risk, and cyber security landscape is rapidly changing, fuelled by significant growth and sophisticated global cyber attacks. A career in cyber security with Sekuro will be both rewarding and challenging. Here at Sekuro, we seek to break the mold and disrupt the status quo to deliver the best solutions and services to our clients.

Sekuro is made up of information security professionals coming from all backgrounds – providing a unique and international environment for our team to grow. Our most important asset is our people, and we are always looking for outstanding individuals to join our team. If you are a self starter who likes to think outside the box and has a thirst for knowledge, get in touch with us.

Our areas of expertise


Sekuro provides assessment, advisory and partial-implementation guidance to achieve regulatory compliance. We work with key stakeholders to drive the design, development and implementation of strategies, policies and standards around cybersecurity.

Security Management

Sekuro plays an important role ensuring the robustness of our clients’ cyber security health, readiness, monitoring and strategy.

Security Assessment

Sekuro assesses the cyber security systems of your company through attack simulations, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Offensive Security

Sekuro works with organisations and technical teams to perform a variety of assessments and provide practical advice to keep them secure. We help to ensure cybersecurity issues are identified along with their associated risks, and guide organisations to manage this risk in a practical manner.

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Already know what you are after?

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