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Sekuro Hackcelerator Mentees: A Unique Insight on Cybersecurity

As part of Sekuro’s ongoing commitment to advance the Information Security industry, Sekuro’s own ‘Talent Accelerator Graduate Program’ (also known as the Sekuro Hackcelerator Programprovides the next-generation of talented students and graduates an opportunity to receive direct mentorship from our highly experienced and skilled Sekuro Consultants. In addition, these mentees were able to get access to reputable training, and contribute to projects that enhance their skills.

Under the 12-month program, each graduate from our 2021 cohort rotated between Red, Governance, Risk And Compliance (GRC), Engineering, and Security Operations Centre (SOC) departments, and was required to create a holistic view of the cybersecurity offerings at Sekuro. Find out more about the articles written by our graduands below.

Cybersecurity, Internet Security and Privacy | Sekuro

Mae Haidar

Personal Privacy vs Public Security – What matters most?

Martin Hossain

What is IoT and what are its security and legal issues?

Mia Symonds

The Unique Cyber-Security Challenges Posed by Remote Work and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Archit Madaan

How companies ensure their cloud systems are secure with both their own data and that of users

Daniel Patterson

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Cybersecurity, Internet Security and Privacy | Sekuro

Conrad Byrnes Krickl

Malicious attacks in the cryptocurrency space and how to stop them

Facial Recognition Technology | Sekuro

Adam Sesel

Growing regulatory scrutiny over the use of facial recognition technology


Sekuro is heartened to witness our very own graduates of the Hackcelerator Program dive deep into the cybersecurity life cycle and work towards a technical career in the security field. From the Sekuro team, we would like to wish them all the best!


The Sekuro Hackcelerator program occurs once a year for 12 months from January to December.

To apply, simply visit our careers page and select either RED, GRC, Engineering, or SOC Hackcelerator openings. Hit the “I’m Interested” button and drag and drop your resume.

Note: Our application tool gives you the option by default to upload a photo and a cover letter. Please do not upload either. If you do upload them, they will not be considered in your application.

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