Cyber teams are overwhelmed by Vulnerabilities and paralysed by choice of action

The rapidly increasing volume of vulnerabilities that emerge daily overwhelms many organisations. No security team can address the more than 2,000 new vulnerabilities documented each month, and the variety of these vulnerabilities causes additional pain. Security teams can struggle to identify and prioritise relevant vulnerabilities, leading to analysis paralysis and further increasing the risk to the organisation.


Sekuro’s Orchestrated Vulnerability Management enables organisations to cope with the increasing volume and variety of cyber vulnerabilities. It removes analysis paralysis by automating the entire process of vulnerability management. From detection and prioritisation to remediation and reporting, using business context and root cause analysis. It offers a streamlined, tailored, and simplified approach to vulnerability management, saving time and resources for the organisation.

Key benefits of Orchestrated Vulnerability Management (OVM)

  • Streamline Vulnerability Identification: Automatically detect vulnerabilities across your entire environment.
  • Tailor Prioritisation: Integrate business context into the vulnerability assessment process.
  • Address Root Causes: Go beyond surface-level fixes to identify and address the underlying causes of vulnerabilities.
  • Simplify Decision-Making: Quick and confident decision-making from clear and actionable insights.
  • Automate Workflows: Reduce manual efforts and improving efficiency in addressing critical vulnerabilities.

Service Inclusions

Sekuro’s Orchestrated Vulnerability Management solution provides a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of vulnerability management, from detection and response to ongoing improvement.

Service Component Description
Critical Vulnerability Detection and Response Protect your systems from critical vulnerabilities and patches with our continuous monitoring, prompt triaging, risk-based prioritisation, and effective remediation within agreed service levels.
Security Advisories and Alerts Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our tailored advisories on critical patches and vulnerabilities that are relevant to your specific environment. We make sure that your security leadership team is always in the know.
Vulnerability Scanning Uncover vulnerabilities within your systems and assets with our comprehensive and accurate scanning tools and techniques. We cover different types of vulnerabilities, such as infrastructure, application, cloud, code, etc.
Vulnerability Management Develop and implement strategies to address and mitigate the vulnerabilities identified by scanning. We prioritise the vulnerabilities based on their risk level and impact, assign responsibilities and resources for remediation, track and monitor the remediation progress and status, and verify and validate the remediation results.
Vulnerability Orchestration Automate and optimise the vulnerability management workflow with our tools and platforms. We integrate different tools and systems to streamline and coordinate the vulnerability management activities.
Vulnerability Management Service Health Ensure the optimal operation and performance of your vulnerability management platforms with our continuous monitoring, investigation, and resolution of any issues in collaboration with software vendors.
Platform Maintenance and Updates Keep your vulnerability management platform up to date and secure with our regular patching, updates, reviews, and configuration changes.
Reporting and Dashboards Gain visibility and insight into your vulnerability management efforts and outcomes with our comprehensive and real-time monthly reports delivered via interactive dashboards.
Stakeholder Engagement and Communication We build and maintain collaborative relationships with key stakeholders with our regular workshops and briefings. We ensure accountability and transparency in your vulnerability management program, aligning your goals and expectations with our service delivery and results.
Support and Assistance Get additional support and assistance as needed. We can help you beyond the scope of the Continuous Vulnerability Management Service.
Continual Service Improvement Collaborate with us for ongoing enhancement and innovation with our continual service improvement service. We work with your teams to continuously improve the service quality and delivery.

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