Web Application & API Testing

Web Applications and API Testing

Web Application & API Testing seems unnecessary.

Yet web applications, be brochure-ware websites, e-commerce sites or third-party SaaS-based services, are the target of hackers as they can be a treasure trove of sensitive payment, personal and commercial information. Due to the constantly reducing Time-To-Market requirements, security is often not appropriately baked into products, and the reliance on an array of development languages and technologies only makes the task of securing applications even harder.

Hackers typically rely on poor coding, software/technology vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and erroneous business logic to gain access to sensitive information and in some cases, also use the application to gain a foothold into an organisation’s internal environment.

All organisations should test the security of their applications and supporting APIs to ensure attackers cannot cause serious and irreparable damage to their ability to function.

How Sekuro RED can help

Penetration testing (i.e. paying ethical hackers to safely attack you) is the quickest and most cost effective way to identify vulnerabilities within your trusted corporate network. It delivers tangible ROI and helps you protect your reputation and business.

Sekuro RED are experienced and certified ethical hackers who will help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities before the bad guys find them.

Our engagement process is simple and we are here in person and over the phone to assist at every stage.

The Industry’s Leading Red Team

To discuss how Sekuro RED can help you test your defences and/or train your staff. Our direct and flexible approach means we can get your Red Team attack going in as quickly as 24 hours.

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