Wireless/WiFi Penetration Testing

Wireless or WiFi networks are a convenient extension to an organisation’s IT environment that may be offered to employees and guests. Wireless networks are an attractive target to hackers as they allow them to get a foothold into your network without stepping into the front door.

If not implemented securely, you could, in less serious cases, be footing the bill of a user downloading illegal or voluminous data, and in more severe cases, you could be finding yourself losing control of your IT environment and sensitive information.

All organisations should test the security of their wireless systems to ensure they are secured appropriately and cannot be used to seriously impact the business or their ability to function.

How we can help

Penetration testing (i.e. paying ethical hackers to safely attack you) is the quickest and most cost effective way to identify vulnerabilities within your trusted corporate network. It delivers tangible ROI and helps you protect your reputation and business.

Our team of experienced and certified ethical hackers help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities before the bad guys find them.

Our engagement process is simple and we are here in person and over the phone to assist at every stage.

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