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Who is Sekuro? We are Sekuro.

In October 2021, Sekuro was formed from the merger of four of Australia’s fastest-growing, value-aligned and complementary cyber security organisations – Privasec, Solista, CXO Security, and Naviro. A proudly Australian company with bold global ambitions, Sekuro is building a tomorrow you can trust.

What does Sekuro offer?

Sekuro brings together the joint capabilities of the four founding organisations to deliver end-to-end cyber security and digital resiliency solutions – GOVERNANCE, RISK, & COMPLIANCETECHNOLOGIES & PLATFORMSMANAGED SECURITY SERVICES and TEAM AUGMENTATION. We believe that Sekuro is better together, and together we can offer organisations of all sizes the best end-to-end cyber security and digital transformation solutions across the business lifecycle. 

Sekuro delivers end-to-end cyber security solutions across the business lifecycle.

Why Now?

Cyber security requires a keenly aligned defensive capability covering people, systems and information. Organisations often hire experts to address perceived gaps in their defences, but rarely gain a complete picture of their cyber security posture, which means attackers still have the upper hand. Our industry is fast evolving, every week – if not every day – new challenges emerge, and new cyber security companies appear.

We are super proud of who we are – being the underdogs, and businesses that really care with strong values and cultures. When the Founders got together and discussed what tomorrow might look like, they knew they had two choices: stay the same, or unite and compete as a real challenger.

What Does ‘Trust Tomorrow™‘ Mean?

Sekuro operates at the intersection of the digital transformation and cybersecurity industries to deliver ‘secure business’ to its clients that ultimately reduces their cyber risk while they adopt new technologies. As such – this allows them to Trust Tomorrow. With a commitment to continuously research and develop lead-edge capabilities, Sekuro works with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to understand their cybersecurity risk profiles, their business needs, and the drivers or objectives for digital transformation. Sekuro provides fully integrated end-to-end security services with high standards of accountability and care, offering an unprecedented client experience and aiming to turn every client into a #clientforlife.

Our Trust Tomorrow strategy has four phases:





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Our Customers

Sekuro is fortunate to work with many of the region’s most innovative organisations across Corporate, Enterprise, Local and Federal Government. Sekuro’s proven industry knowledge and relationships help them navigate the cyber security, governance and compliance landscape to achieve their desired outcome.

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