External & Internal Penetration Testing

External Penetration Testing

Internet-facing IT infrastructure is constantly being poked and prodded by hackers from all over the world, whether you are a small business with a tiny Internet presence or a multinational.

Remote work technologies, email servers, file transfer servers, or any other Internet-facing IT equipment, if misconfigured or left without software updates can be used by attackers to gain a foothold into your trusted internal network, corporate servers and workstations and be used to seriously limit the ability of your organisation to function.

Internal Penetration Testing

IT systems are the backbone of any business, small or large. Internal servers, applications and workstations hold information that is critical to any business. The information can be a mix of IP, commercially sensitive, or personally identifiable information. Systems that hold this information and employees who access this information are trusted and therefore generally subject to .

It is this trust that hackers try and constantly exploit as there is a higher likelihood of successfully compromising an organisation from within than it is from the outside.

All organisations should test the security of their internal systems from the perspective of an internal attacker to ensure a compromised staff account or a disgruntled user cannot cause serious and irreparable damage or their ability to function.

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