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Welcome to the Sekuro blog, your go-to destination for cyber security and business resilience insights!

Stay ahead of the hackers

With Sekuro, you can rest assured that your business is protected from the sneaky cyber criminals. Our team of experts will help you take a strategic approach to cyber security risk mitigation, so you can stay one step ahead of those mischievous hackers.

Transform digitally, without the drama

We believe that digital transformation should be exciting, not scary. With Sekuro by your side, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape and embrace new technologies without risking your business’s security. Let us show you how to transform with resilience!

Insights that will make you think

Our Cyber Security and Business Resilience Blog is jam-packed with eye-opening articles and practical tips that will leave you thinking! From understanding the latest threats to implementing robust security measures, we’ve got you covered.

No jargon or tech mumbo-jumbo

We know that cyber security can be a complex topic, but we promise to keep it simple. Our blog posts are written in plain English (no tech mumbo-jumbo here!) so that everyone, regardless of their technical background, can benefit from our insights.

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AI, ISO42001, and YOU | Sekuro

AI, ISO 42001, and You (Part 1)

The new ISO 42001:2023, is an AI Management System, with the GRC emphasized. Learn the differences between Machine Learning (ML) and AI, and their implications and applications.

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