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How Can Companies Securely Enter Into the Cloud World?

In this white paper, gain insights into the benefits provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), the key risks and challenges in adopting such services, and lastly, guidelines on addressing an organisation’s security requirements.

Why Sekuro?

It is fairly simple...

Sekuro’s mission is to be our clients‘ most trusted security partner. From the excellence of our delivery, to the integrity of our people, we put care into everything we do and see every client as a #clientforlife.

Trusted by leading organisations across the globe, Sekuro works with CIOs and CISOs to take a strategic approach to cyber security risk mitigation and digital transformation. Operating at the intersection of the digital technologies and cyber security industries, Sekuro reduces cyber risk while new technologies are adopted – ultimately building business resiliency and enabling fearless innovation.

Sekuro Featured Services

Secure cloud design & build

We will design, build, secure, and optimise public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.

Offensive Security

Simulating potential attackers, the Sekuro RED team will attempt to breach your security by combining intelligence gathering, social engineering, hacking, and physical intrusion.

Zero Trust Strategy

Sekuro Zero Trust Strategy is a comprehensive and pragmatic solution for securing all access to your data, apps and environment, regardless of user, device, or location.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Sekuro’s Ransomware Readiness Assessment enables your organisation to understand gaps and remediate ransomware exposure risk with this common and growing risk.

Sekuro Great Place to Work

Sekuro is a Great Place to Work - and that's official!

At Sekuro, we take care and pride in curating a culture which promotes our diversity, individual passions and development aspiration. Our collective values bring us together as one team to execute our mission. 

Our fabulous team of passionate and committed people comes from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries across the world (including Australia, France, China, Japan, the U.K., India, Italy, Russia, Singapore, and more), making Sekuro a Great Place to Work® and a place where people feel accepted and included.

Sekuro Latest News and Insights

Cyber Security Awareness Month | Four Urgent Actions to Create a Security Culture & Protect Your Organisation

“It’s time to take action!”, aligned with the fourth week theme of Australia’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, ” our Field CTO, Jason Trampevski highlights the four urgent actions for organisations to foster a security culture and safeguard the organisation.

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Webinar Recap | Finding the Best MSSP is All About Asking the Right Questions

Find out the most important aspects of MSSP selection through the six questions raised up in our latest Knowledge Webinar.

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The Need for CISOs to Establish Strong Trust & Rapport

CIO World Asia spoke with Prashant Haldankar, Chief Information Security Officer at Sekuro about dissecting the role of the CISO in 2022.

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Happy First Birthday Sekuro!

Noel Allnutt, Managing Director Of Sekuro, Reflects Upon The Sekurian Journey Of The Last Year And The Exciting Places Sekuro Is Heading

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Sekuro Achieves the Golden 4 in ISO Certifications!

Sekuro is thrilled to announce we have attained the Golden 4 ISO Certifications – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001!

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Mental Health in Cyber Security

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Sekuro surveyed 101 cyber security professionals to find out how they’ve been coping over the past two years.

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The Sekuro Talkshow with Jason Trampevski (Ep.7)

In the seventh episode of Sekuro Talkshow, our Chief Growth Officer Shamane Tan was joined by Sekuro’s Field Chief Technology Officer Jason Trampevski to share about the roles of a Field CTO and a Technologies Platform and Engineering (TPE) team, and the common challenges his team faces.

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Meet The People Behind The SOC: Justin Gan, Security Analyst At Sekuro​

In this blog series, Meet the people behind the SOC, Sekuro is going behind the scenes to introduce you to those fierce warriors who monitor …

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Writing Small (reverse) Shell Code

Typically for an exploit, the task is to obtain a reverse shell on a remote system. Check out this article, as Riley Kidd, our principal Offensive Security consultant shares about writing the smallest possible shellcode to complete a task.

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HRD: How to onboard Freelancers

In this article, our Chief People Officer, Peita Lane, shares her thoughts on the importance of proper onboarding processes, where putting in place practical training and formal knowledge-sharing session for all, including the contractors, is critical for an organisation’s success.

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Snrublist3r - The Subdomain Enumeration Tool with Lots of Pep

Learn about why Benjamin McMillan rewrote Sublist3r and turned it into the powerhouse Snrublist3r .

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When Least Privilege Goes Too Far: Why Cyber Leaders Should Use Empathy in Their Decision Making

Check out this article as Lee Roebig, our Customer CISO explain the ‘Principle of Least Privilege’, a concept that is widely used in organisational security.

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Sekuro Cyber Security Mental Health Survey

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many in the industry, but cyber security has a mental health problem.

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Month in October 2022, Sekuro surveyed 101 cyber security professionals to find out how they’ve been coping over the past two years. The results were distressing, but unfortunately, not surprising. As threats worsen and Boards become more anxious about cyber risk – those who work in the industry will know first-hand the pressure that’s been put on cyber security professionals, particularly since the start of the pandemic. This pressure to prevent attacks at all costs has come at the expense of our industry’s most valuable assets – our people.

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